April 11, 2013

Why Security Systems are Essential for the Aging Parent

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The elderly population has increased over the years. Seniors are living longer, and many choose to remain at home. It is important for seniors to be able to do all the things they want to do. Safeguards in the home of an aging senior can bring peace of mind. Home automation systems like Vivint can assist seniors to stay safely at home alone and can help seniors perform daily tasks in the home without assistance. It does not require major reconstruction to get a home automation system installed. Here are a few areas in which this system can help an aging senior.


The home automation system can help seniors to remember to take medication. The system monitors whether a stove or oven has been left on. It can monitor doors that are open or not secured. The home automation can monitor temperature setting fluctuations to alert seniors of problems, such as fires.

Security Alarms

Security alarms can be installed in the aging seniors’ homes. Some wireless Vivint security alarms don’t require a phone line. Security systems can monitor changes in smoke, heat, water and gas. A Why Security Systems are Essential for the Aging Parentmotion detector can alert authorities of intruders.

Medical Alert or Panic Buttons

This important device is one that an aging senior could use for assistance when in dire need. If the senior has fallen or has been hurt, a push of a button can send help. Emergency personnel can be dispatched with helpful medical information on the aging senior. An item also to consider is a lock box that can be programmed with a code and placed on the front door of the senior’s home. This code can be given to the emergency personnel monitoring the senior’s location. This box will allow entrance into the home.

Auto Tracking Device

A GPS system can be extremely useful if an aging senior has gotten lost or confused. This device can help safely return a senior to his or her home.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are everywhere now. Seniors can use remote viewing to monitor the security cameras with a cell phone or computer. Seniors do not have to be completely alone with the safety features of a security camera

Many loved ones wish that they could be there to personally monitor their parents or relatives. Unfortunately, that is not always necessary. The home automation system allows a senior to stay in his or her home safely and perform daily tasks with a sense of independence and freedom.

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