February 24, 2012

What Should I Know About Assisted Living?

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Assisted Living

by Kelly Wilson, hospital Publisher – South East Florida Senior Living Guide – www.seniorlivingguide.com

The good news is you can and most likely will find your size and your style…. Making the decision to move into an assisted living community can be a tough choice for any one, order including the family members involved in the process. The resistance to change, healing feelings of guilt and denial all too often lead to a delay in making any decision or move. That is, until something serious happens, that SOMETHING usually affects the health, welfare and safety of our parent, grandparent or spouse. Once this has happened you now add into the mix, stress and a sense of urgency to the decision making process.

If this seems to be the course you’re on, then you are going about this all wrong! Stop and think of the many changes and adaptations we all make throughout the years of our lives……just chalk this up to one more. Putting a positive spin on everything that is good and right about making this move is the key!

Know that here in S. Florida alone there are well over 1400 assisted living options to choose from, like choosing what restaurant to frequent or where to go on your vacation, look into your many choices. Whether you are comfortable in a quiet, residential home setting, usually with 5 or 6 residents or opt for a larger resort setting with restaurant style dining and amenities, there is just the place for you. Being clear and realistic on your budget, physical and social needs and your likes and dislikes is a great starting point. With average cost ranging from $2200 up beyond $4800, finances can play a large part in narrowing down options, and the difficulty covering these costs can create hardships as well. There are some long term care, LTC, policies that provide funding for assisted living costs, review your individual policy terms. (See below for a few basic pointers to lead you in the right direction for possible assistance.) Keep in mind that just like buying real estate, the family car or making any large purchase, you should take some time to research and plan. There are many resources available by way of publications, websites (such as www.SeniorLivingGuide.com) and private placement services that can help you find the assisted living community that fits YOU.

How Can I Pay For Assisted Living?

Generally assisted living costs are an out of pocket expense, however, for those in need and meeting eligibility requirements, assistance may be available. Below is a simple guide to point you first, to the local agencies who can help you navigate through this process of eligibility determination.

1. Your Aging Resource Center, aka the Area Agency on Aging will assist you in determining any eligibility for state or federal government programs or assistance

2. Veterans Aid & Attendance to determine…
eligibility contact your local VAMC directly.
To find location nearest to you go to www.va.gov
If wealth, income or other issues arise or the process becomes complicated you can seek professional services

3. Private Medicaid & VA Planner

4. Elder Law Attorney


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