July 8, 2011

Staying Independent – Home Safety Tips

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Question:  I just returned home from a hospital stay for a recent fall. Thankfully I did not break any bones. My biggest fear is breaking a hip and having to leave my home.  What can I do to make my home safer?

Answer: You are wise to plan ahead to prevent another fall!  Here are some tips:

Main Living Areas: Remove throw rugs, sovaldi cords or clutter in the walkways.  Install night lights in the hallways and bathrooms. Replace any worn or torn carpet and broken railings near steps.

Bathroom: Install grab bars on the walls, advice near the toilet and shower.  Use a shower chair so you can sit while bathing.  Lower water heater temperature to 120 degrees F. to avoid burns.

Kitchen: Set utensils and food at a comfortable height to avoid reaching or standing on a stool. Look for sharp corner counters or tables which can be padded.

Your physician can also order a home safety evaluation for you.

You also may want to consider having in-home assistance with some of the daily tasks so that you can reserve your energy for the more enjoyable things in life.  A home care company such as Comfort Keepers may be your answer.  Comfort Keepers provides assistance in your own home to those needing a little extra help.

Mark Sheets, sales Greater Richmond Area Comfort Keepers owner.  For more information go to www.comfortkeepers.com or call 750-1123.


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