June 12, 2013

Stay Mobile: 5 Transportation Tips for Seniors Looking to Travel

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

Seniors have a lot of time at their disposal, recipe and many of them take advantage of it by doing a lot of traveling. Seniors may have more time to travel, purchase but that doesn’t mean they have a lot of time to waste. They want to make their travel experiences as efficient and comfortable as possible. To help them with that, they can make use of these five tips that seniors can use to travel well.

1. Travel Light
When it comes to traveling easy, one of the best tips for any trip is to travel light. Go ahead and pack your suitcase with everything you think you need, but then take out at least a few items that you think that you can make do without. Shedding the added weight of packing unnecessary items will save seniors a lot of energy on a trip.

2. Avoid Thieves
The best way to stay safe from thieves is to never leave your valuables unguarded. Use a money belt to keep your cash, credit cards and important documents safe from pickpockets. Also, be sure to lock valuables up in the safe instead of leaving them lying about the hotel room. Never leave your things unattended in a public space for even a moment.

Seniors Traveling3. Drive Safe
It becomes more dangerous for seniors to derive as they age. Their vision becomes poorer and their reaction times slow down. Seniors can mitigate these risk factors by always keeping their vehicles in good condition. Put quality tires like Silverado tires on the car to ensure good traction in all weather conditions. Also, make sure to get a thorough inspection by a trusted mechanic before departing on a trip.

4. Don’t Pass up Your Dream Destinations
When you are a senior, there is no time to put off completing items on your bucket list. If you want to take a trip somewhere, then take it. No matter how impractical you think it may be, there is always a way to take your dream trip while there is still time. Most places will have accommodations for seniors.

5. Think About Group Tours or Cruises
One of the most enjoyable ways for seniors to travel is with people from their own age group. It is nice to share new experiences with people who have similar life experiences. There are lots of cruises and tour groups that are catered to seniors. They move at a slower pace to accommodate them, and their activities are geared to seniors’ preferences as well.


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