August 7, 2013

Six Reasons Why You Should Take Natural Supplements for Optimal Health

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There is a strong relationship between longevity, optimal health and having a balanced diet. However, using a variety of natural supplements can help improve quality of life for people. Here is a quick overview on why people should take natural supplements to optimize their health.

Increased Energy Levels
One key benefit to taking natural supplements is remarkable improvement in their energy levels. Taking herbal supplements such as green tea extract, guarana, caffeine and ginseng improve energy levels, alertness and aerobic endurance. If you find yourself in a rut one day, taking one or more of these supplements can help get things back up to speed.

More Strength
Most people over the the age of 40 begin to start to see serious decline in anabolic hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, HGH, and IGF-1. supplementsThese hormones keep us lean, improve our bone density, strength and muscle mass. There are a variety of natural supplements, especially Thorne natural products, that are designed to improve muscle mass and strength like BCAAs and Whey protein.

Better Body Composition
Obesity is one of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Although being overweight is attributed to overeating and lack of exercise, people can still take natural supplements to lose weight. Taking green tea extract, raspberry ketones and whey powder are again some supplements that people should take to keep excess body fat off.

Increase Brain Power
As individuals age, so does the neurological system. Many individuals see significant declines in memory, mental alertness and other cognitive functions as they get older. There are a plethora of natural herbal remedies to help sharpen the brain and help boost concentration.

Reduce Cancer Risks
Millions of people are diagnosed and treated for cancer a year in America. One way that people can help reduce their risk of getting cancer is incorporating a variety of antioxidants into their diet. This can be done by eating a copious amount of fruits and vegetables. But, this can also be achieved through Thorne products.

Less Stress
Stress has been linked to increased risk for cardiovascular ailments. Stress has also been linked to lack of sleep. Magnesium is a natural supplement that people take calm their bodies at night and enjoy full sleep.
Don’t be afraid to take natural supplements. All of these ingredients occur naturally and should be used to optimize health and quality of life.


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