January 23, 2013

Simple Strategies to Help Improve Your Memory Day By Day

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Many people begin to have trouble remembering things as they get older. This can be very frustrating to deal with, ambulance but the good news is that there are a number of simple things that you can do to improve your memory. Below are some tips for improving your memory:

Maintain An Active Social Life

Stress and depression have both been linked to memory loss, viagra but maintaining an active social life can reduce stress and ward off depression. Therefore, sick if you socialize with others regularly, then you can potentially improve your memory, so you should try to be with with family members and friends as much as possible. You should also try to attend some of the events that are offered in your city.

Keep Yourself Mentally Active

Engaging in activities that stimulate your mind on a regular basis can prevent memory loss. There are a number of ways that you can stimulate your mind, you can do crossword puzzles, you can also read a book or take music lessons. Additionally, you may want to consider volunteering in your community.

Have Set Reminders

Having a reminder to take medication or move the laundry around helps you get into a routine, and soon you won’t need them, as they’ll be second nature for you. Cheap custom rubber wristbands and bracelets can help you remember to take your medication, as they can be personalized, and post-it notes on mirrors and the refrigerator door will help with everyday tasks as well.

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

The same foods that are good for your brain are also good for your heart, so you should consume mostly vegetables, fruits and whole grains. You also need to choose high-protein foods that are low in fat, such as skinless poultry, fish and lean meat. Taking a multi vitamin, along with fish oil and juicing fruits and vegetables daily will help immensely.

Furthermore, you need to pay close attention to what you drink. If you do not drink enough water, then you can end up suffering memory loss, and dehydration can also cause confusion. That is why you need to consume at least two liters of water every day, and if you choose to drink alcohol, then you should not consume more than two beverages per day.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise helps increase blood circulation to your brain, and this can potentially protect against memory loss. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, a healthy adult should be getting 30 minutes of physical activity in every day, and this can be gardening, taking the dog for a walk, or making it a fun morning routine with a friend.

It’s small steps every day that make the biggest difference when trying to improve your memory. Take a different route while driving, eat bright and colorful food, go for an extra-long walk, and enjoy your golden years.

Author Bio

This article was written on behalf of Reminderband by Christi Hayworth. Reminderband specializes in military, sports, and awareness bracelets, among many more.
When Christi isn’t blogging, she’s baking, walking her puppies, and hanging out with her new husband.


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