June 28, 2013

Seniors! 5 Things You Can Do to Have Some Fun Competition

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If you’re a senior, there there are lots of fun competitions out there that you and your friends can participate in. If you are open to new hobbies that keep your mind and body moving, cheap you can find plenty of competitive activities that fit the bill. Start by making a list of things you’d like to do that you’ve never tried before. Once you start brainstorming, cure the sky’s the limit. Check out these five activities to get your competitive juices flowing:

Join a Swim Team

Senior Swim Teams are popping up everywhere. Sponsored by city recreation centers, private clubs or community colleges, these teams offer training and swimming competitions for seniors. You can keep track of your swimming statistics online. This is a great way to keep in shape through competition!

Play Golf

Many public golf courses offer tournaments for senior players. You can enter most tournaments if you are a certain age with a certain handicap. Check out your state’s golf association for a list of tournaments. If you are a beginner golfer or would like to learn the sport, call a public course to schedule lessons with their pro. Before long, you’ll be entering tournaments with the best of them.Seniors! 5 Things You Can Do to Have Some Fun Competition

Make Golf Your Fantasy Sport

Fantasy golf can be another fun way to stay competitive. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a part of the professional golfing world, this is probably the closest you’ll get. You get to be the “owner” of a “team” in a fantasy golf league. “Draft” professional golfers like Tiger Woods onto your team. Then watch to see how “your golfers” score each week in the PGA or European Tour. Their scores will determine how you fare in the fantasy golfing world.

Accept the Sudoku Challenge

If you like to play Sudoku, you might want to consider taking your number puzzle addiction online. You can find Sudoku games to play for free. Challenge yourself just to keep your brain fit, or compete in weekly Sudoku challenges to win prizes. If you are new to Sudoku, you can find a website that will teach you how to play this popular, logic-based game.

Dance to Win

Dancing is one of the very best activities for seniors. Besides being a pleasant way to exercise, dancing reduces your stress and your waistline. Recent studies indicate that this fun activity also improves your memory. Brush up on your dancing skills or learn some new steps by joining a dance class. When you’re ready, call your local Chamber of Commerce to find out which organizations in your area sponsor senior dance competitions.

Let these five ideas inspire you. Whatever your talent or interest, you’re sure to find a contest and other seniors who’d love a little friendly competition.


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