April 22, 2013

Retirement Communities: 5 Things You Must Ask

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Courtesy of Hayley Granton [hayleygranton@gmail.com]

The day may come when you will need to consider relocating to a retirement community. When that day arrives there are some important questions you must ask. Some are very basic but they are all crucial to selecting how you will spend your future.

The first question is, “Am I ready for a retirement community?” If you are to the point where you have health concerns that could put you at risk for injury or illness, 55 plus communities, such as the kissimmee homes for sale in Florida, may be a viable option. The same applies if you are worried about the maintenance and security of your current home, or are tired of all the shopping and cooking.

The second question is, “Does a retirement community make financial sense?” You could be surprised to find that these communities are less expensive than remaining in your current home. There are also programs that you may qualify for to assist you financially. You will also want to look into policies regarding how they deal with residents when they can no longer afford to pay.

Retirement Communities 5 Things You Must AskThe next question is, “What do I want in the way of services and features?” Many communities have wonderful amenities, such as gymnasiums, pools, shops, and more. Some offer maid services, various classes, and even group tours. These can make for a much richer living experience and give you an opportunity to meet new friends along the way.

The fourth question is, “Is this facility accredited by a reputable body?” The CCAC (Continuing Care Accreditation Commission) or CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) are good standards to look for. These are independent, international groups whose sole function is to ensure that individuals receive the quality care and treatment that they deserve.

The final question is, “What facilities are available in my desired area?” Here you can seek recommendations from friends, the Internet, estate attorneys, or other trusted advisors. The best idea is a personal visit. Try to visit for lunch so you can check out the food. If possible, try to spend the night. If those aren’t options, a visit during a special event will also give you a chance to see the surroundings, and visit with the residents.

Moving to a retirement community is a big life change and there are many factors to consider. Remember to take your time. You have worked your entire life to get to this point and the quality of your later years is important.


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