May 29, 2014

New Vice President of Operations Helps Launch Culture Change at Commonwealth Assisted Living

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For more information, contact Richard Brewer, President and CEO
Commonwealth Assisted Living
534 E. Main St., Suite B., Charlottesville, VA
(434) 220-1055

Charlottesville, Virginia: Commonwealth Assisted Living, LLC provides high-quality housing, personal care and comprehensive services that are responsive to the needs and preferences of residents and their families. Over the past 12 years, Commonwealth Assisted Living has grown to become one of the largest providers of assisted living services in the state of Virginia. The company now has 19 communities throughout Virginia, 12 of which also provide Alzheimer’s and memory care through its award-winning Sweet Memories program. With the goal of providing optimum resident care with the most efficient operation possible, they make decisions and have implemented many successful programs resulting in both enhanced resident care and consistent compliance. Hiring a new Vice President of Operations and strengthening their company’s culture are two such examples.

“The way we managed our operations in the past worked well for us,” shares Commonwealth President and CEO, 05222008123424logoRichard J. Brewer. “Having a centrally located corporate office no more than four hours from any of our communities allowed our executive team to be hands on. But with the growth we’ve experienced over the last three years, and the plans we have for the future, we knew it was time to change how we do business.” Part of this change was bringing in Charles Ix to be the new Vice President of Operations for Commonwealth Assisted Living.

Ix has been with Commonwealth Assisted Living since 2010, initially as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and most recently as President of their Stay at Home Personal Care division. Commonwealth’s executive team realized Ix’s performance and depth of company knowledge, coupled with his background of being a professional athlete and coach, gave a unique twist to his leadership style. “As the coach of Western Albemarle Boys Tennis Team, I stressed to my players that while tennis is an individual sport, the results of each player impact the overall success of the team,” shares Ix. “Commonwealth exists in much the same way. We have 19 unique communities who should be managed locally, knowing the decisions they make not only impact their individual success, but roll up to affect the success of the company as a whole.”

Today is a new day for Commonwealth Assisted Living. “We want Commonwealth Assisted Living to be the community of choice for seniors and their families as well as an employer of choice for future employees. We know our short and long-term goals as well as the things we need to do to achieve them, and we believe this culture change is the first step,” shares Brewer. Executive directors are now considered “CEO” of their community. The front line employees are empowered to make decisions and suggestions for improvements where they see due. Company-wide input was received on how everyone could be involved in the culture change, and from that input came a Core Values Statement, outlining the key elements and actions that will attribute to the success, both of the individual communities as well as the entire organization. “The Core Values Statement will serve as a reminder and a check and balance system, ensuring we hire the best people and make the best decisions,” continues Ix.

Commonwealth’s CORE Values, developed in conjunction with its 1,000+ employees, reads: “We CARE about people. We DO the right thing. We are passionate, have fun, and CELEBRATE success. We SPEAK UP! It’s our responsibility. We take OWNERSHIP and ADD value in all we do. We are RESPECTFUL.”

Commonwealth Assisted Living has the people and plans in place to ensure continued success. For more information on Commonwealth Assisted Living please visit the company web site at or call (800) 784-7288.


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