June 24, 2013

Moving Tips For Seniors That Will Help You Step by Step

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Courtesy of Casey Haslem [caseyhaslem@gmail.com]

Moving can be a stressful and draining experience for anyone, but this can especially be said for seniors. The intensity of lifting and working all day long paired with old age and weakness can almost be too rough of a combination. Instead of stressing out and risking deterioration of your health, use these tips for getting settled in to the new place without the hassle.

Enlist the Help of a Moving Company

Moving at an older age can be physically and emotionally taxing. This is why it’s imperative that every senior that’s planning a move enlist the help of movers that are more capable of getting the job done safely. If you plan to hire a moving company, be sure to check on the reputation of said company and read the contract carefully. Check on their policy that pertains to damage to belongings.

Pack in Small Boxes

During the move, you’ll likely want to be helping, so it’s a good idea that you pack your things in smaller smaller boxes so it’s easier to move. If it helps, opt to store boxes that aren’t needed immediately in a unit at Lakewood, WA storage.Moving Tips For Seniors That Will Help You Step by Step

When packing your boxes, go for boxes that don’t exceed 15-20 pounds, and make sure they’re easily graspable. For bigger boxes or furniture, have others who are stronger and younger take the reigns.

Rent Storage Space to Store Unnecessary Items

A great way to decrease confusion and to get unnecessary things out of the way during/after the move is to rent a storage unit. ExtraSpace Storage in Las Vegas, Nevada has all sorts of accommodations that can help practically anyone get their unused stuff out of the way for the time being, especially during a hectic move. Don’t worry if you have too much stuff on your hands to move; just put it in storage temporarily to keep it out of the way.

Create Mini Goals

There’s no doubt that moving can be a tedious and overwhelming process. That’s why it’s imperative to create mini goals that can break the entire process down into smaller, manageable tasks. For example, you might want to move on room at a time so that you can break the process up into several manageable parts. Make checklists for each part of the process with deadlines so that you can stay on track and keep up with the ultimate goal at hand.

Overall, the most important part of moving when you are a senior is keeping tabs on your health and not straining yourself. If at all possible, let movers take care of the entire situation to avoid dangerous situations!


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