July 29, 2013

Moving into Assisted Living: Here’s Some Tips on Making the Transition

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Courtesy of Kathrine Kreger [kathrinekreger@gmail.com]

Move Large Items to Storage
Most assisted living facilities don’t allow residents to keep large pieces of furniture like chairs, couches and dressers. You can use a Phoenix AZ self storage company to keep these items safe. There will be storage fees that need to be paid each month, and if the resident wants to sell the items at a later date, then the company can hold an auction. You can also remove the items and divide the furniture among family members.

Stay In Touch
Residents are allowed to call and write family and friends, so make sure the person has addresses and phone numbers. You can take stationery and envelopes to the person so that they don’t have to worry about getting items to write on, and the resident can have a cell phone if there is no phone in the room. Visit often so that the resident does not feel alone. Most facilities allow visits all day and into the evening every day of the week. Some facilities allow family members to spend the night if there is a health concern.

Label BelongingsMoving into Assisted Living Here's Some Tips on Making the Transition
In order for the staff to know what items belong to each resident, it is important to label the items with a laundry marker of Sharpie. You can write the initials of the person on each item, or you can write the last name. Clothing is the most important thing to keep labeled. If the facility does the laundry of the resident, then the person who washes and dries the clothes needs to know where to take the items. Toiletry items need to be labeled in case there are certain things that the resident needs to use such as a denture cup or prescription medications.

Make the Room Look Like Home
Before the resident moves to the facility, take some special things from home to make the room feel comfortable and familiar. These items could include a favorite blanket, pictures, pillows or a chair if the facility will allow one in the room. Some facilities allow residents to have a television from home. You can also take small trinkets to sit on the shelves.

Make Friends
Introduce your family member to some of the other residents in the facility. Take the person to the dining room at meal times to talk to others. If there is a craft time, then encourage the person to join other residents. These activities will not only allow the person to make new friends, but it will keep the person’s mind occupied.

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Kathrine Kreger, is a freelance writer from Eugene, OR.  She loves museums, art and football. For those who are looking for a reputable storage company, look to (http://www.extraspace.com/Storage/Facilities/US/New_Mexico/Albuquerque/501915/Facility.aspx) for a location near you.


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