April 29, 2020

More Ideas Keeping Your Residents Engaged and Happy While Maintaining Social Distancing.

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Senior Housing NewsWe can safely say we are in a holding pattern for several more weeks.

Keeping that in mind, you may find yourself in a constant state of working hard to keep things fresh within your communities.

It is now more important than ever to have a plan to engage, entertain and keep your residents and your staff active daily.

Please don’t forget to include the staff, it is more important than ever to keep them motivated and happy on the job.

Setting up a weekly schedule of themes, decorations, activities and engagement will make a difference.

Once again, your SeniorLivingGuide.com team have drafted a few more ideas to share with your Program Directors, Marketers and Admin staff. Get everyone involved. This can really be a fun time!

  1. Play Dear Abby & Dear Arnold – Get some poster Boards and Big Markers – Pick a Topic, (such as – How do you not get gray hair?  What’s the best way to lose weight? Best place to Honeymoon and why?  Best advice your mama gave. ) Take pics of residents holding signs with their advice – make a video of all their advice.  Send out on Social Media – email to families.
  1. Cook Off – Each Resident submits their favorite recipe (dessert/salad/veggie/main course) for the Chef to pick from–Or your Chef gets creative and puts out a list to be voted on by the residents for something fun at Lunch every Friday. Everyone votes and the Chef makes. Will help bring diversity to the menu and residents love food.
  1. Elf on the Shelf re-appears – Who says the elf has to be good all year, dig him out of the Christmas box and let him get into mischief. The night shift is responsible for his next naughty move. Residents will love looking for him each day when they go for a walk.
  1. Decorate your Door Day – Have your residents get creative – Wrapping Paper, Tin Foil, Pictures or Drawings – Use Butcher Plain Paper and let residents and staff write little notes to each other on the doors.
  1. Poker Run- 5 Card Stud – (make sure you know how many rooms/people are playing and how many decks you will need) At Breakfast Everyone gets their first card, Mid-morning a second card is dealt to each resident, Lunch a third, Mid-day a forth and Dinner the fifth card. Top four hands win prizes. If you do not want to spread it out over the day, it can be a hallway activity. (use a unique decorated back deck that no one has, here are some on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07YFCH1QM/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_ZPEHEbEYBF7QJ ).
  1. If you allow Pets – Resident/Pet of the Week – Have residents submit picture and story – let others vote to elect a community “pet of the week” – Get a cute little toy for the Pet of the Week – Post Pics of pet and owner on Social Media with their story and share with others to post.
  1. Patio Play – With an amplifier or intercom system – Do Patio/Balcony Games – Simon Says is always a fun one, the fall back is Bingo but when you start thinking you can get creative. Have a Balcony/Patio Dance. – Check out what The Talbot on Granby did. https://www.facebook.com/TalbotOnGranby/videos/236927574117784/
  1. Shooting Range – Outside Time, set up tables (6 ft. apart) a bucket of water and some targets or empty water bottles as targets. Squirt gun competition – who doesn’t love a good squirt gun, always a party favorite.
  1. Window Paint day – Using the individual small trays of water color and a paint brush (38 sets for $39 on Amazon – Bulk Water Color Paint Party Pack)- Let Residents Paint their window. You can also set up one special window and tape it off to do the Stained Glass Window we have seen on Social Media.
  2. Show Horses – Its time to have a horse show- decorate brooms – get several employees to participate. Set up a silly obstacle course outside the building that is viewable from room windows. – Have the participating Staff ride the halls on their decorated brooms before the show. Outside have each Horseman weave in and out of lawn chairs, have little signs here and there “stop” “hop 3 times” “spin right spin to the left” “stop and tip your hat” get creative throw in some dance moves. Make it so everyone can enjoy from their window and cheer as the riders go by waving to the residents being silly and fun.

Last but Not Least – “Let’s Dance” – Your Staff need to enjoy the day as well, having your lunch servers break into a simple line dance or skit keeps things light and fun (don’t forget to get the video and post on Social Media)

If you do any of the activities that our SeniorLivingGuide.com staff has recommended, please share pictures or video with us by emailing to: dmahoney@seniorlivingguide.com. We would be happy to share your community’s story via social. We will tag your community if you so wish! Our social accounts can be a positive marketing extension of your brand during the Covid-19 pandemic. #weareallinthistogether

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