May 2, 2011

Medicare changes that will affect your FUTURE!

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Are your knees bothering you?  How’s your back?  What hurts today??

Yes, sick as we age, sales our body wears down, health and the aches & pains become the highlighted topics of our morning coffee discussions.  Sometimes, we complain to about the new pain that arrived overnight or the “improved” pain that we had leftover from yesterday.

We all watched as the lovely Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor and other stars have aged before our eyes. We have witnessed that aging is a physically debilitating process.  Like these icons, we will come to a time in Life when we too, will need help.  That’s when we’ll need the wheelchair, walker or other medical equipment to adjust to our inevitable physical disabilities.

But, why worry about that now?  You probably have Medicare Part B to help with the costs, so, it won’t be a problem.., right?  WRONG.

Medicare has recently begun changing the way it reimburses for home medical equipment.  Washington has decided to put medical equipment and supplies out to bid. They think this will reduce the cost of important medical equipment and supplies. They are wrong, because it will cost YOU and your loved ones drastically in the end.

The process is known as “Competitive Bidding,” and it consists of the government contracting with a small number of suppliers to provide medical equipment to largest cities in the country.  And, it’s scheduled to come to Virginia in 2012.

This is how it will affect you, your family, your children and your healthcare:

Ø  In the current plan, you can choose your supplier; if for any reason you are unhappy, you can switch to another supplier.

Ø  In the new system, only about 10% of the current suppliers will be under contract, so 90% will not be accessible to you.

Ø  With the unprecedented increase in demand created by the 78 million baby boomers entering the Medicare system and the drastic decrease in suppliers, you can easily see the problems that will occur.

o   The lines of people waiting for supplies will grow.

o   Equipment quality will decline over time.

o   Customer services will be reduced.

Since news of this bidding program emerged, hundreds of economists, businessmen and yes, even Congressmen, have issued objections to this ill-conceived plan.  Much has been written about the unintended consequences and market monopolies it promises to create.  Experts have weighed in with awe, stating that no such health reimbursement plan has EVER been used, anywhere in the world!

NOTE:  You are about to become a generation of guinea pigs for the “new and improved” home medical equipment delivery system.

In spite of the warnings from world renowned economists, informed congressional representatives, and patient advocacy groups, CMS, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, plans to move forward with its implementation.  In spite of complaints from Medicare beneficiaries & physicians, Washington bureaucrats continue undaunted, to complete the program in 100 cities around the US.

Is this right? Should we continue to go forward with a major change in Medicare that we know is flawed?  Members of the business community are calling this plan a “train wreck”! This change will affect YOU! If you are on the Medicare train, you need to be concerned. You have the right to have a voice in YOUR healthcare future!

Contact Senator Mark Warner @ 202 224-2023 and Congressman Eric Cantor @ 202 225-2815 today and express your objections to Competitive Bidding.  Just say that you side with the experts in bidding & auction design, not government bureaucrats, and do not want Competitive Bidding in Virginia.

For more information go to:

Contact information:  Wayne Sale, President,

Health First Home Medical

8143 Staples Mill Road

Richmond, VA  23228

804 266-2002


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