February 24, 2012

Life Choices – When is quality more important than quantity?

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by Kelly Wilson, tadalafil Publisher – South East Florida Senior Living Guide – www.seniorlivingguide.com
I do not nor have I ever worked for any hospice provider, see but I have had the opportunity and privilege to care for people, 13 to be exact, that had hospice services in the last weeks, months and sometimes even years of their lives. I have since changed professions and now attend various lectures and presentations regarding healthcare services, some of which the primary topic is hospice care. There are a few different providers here in our SE Florida area but the fundamental concept is universal. Also universal is the uncomfortable feeling the word “hospice” seems to create, the lack of public education, awareness and timely intervention by way of open discussion even among our healthcare providers.

Let me share a little something I heard at a recent lecture. Over the last 100 years our medical advances have come quite close to doubling our life expectancy. What was once considered a ripe old age was 46; it is now 80 years old. Nevertheless, with all this medical technology we will ultimately reach an end to our life here on earth as we know it.

We are now able to diagnose and treat many illnesses with modern advances in medicine. Over the years safety improvements of our vehicles and workplace environments have reduced sudden and accidental deaths. Approximately 90% of deaths are predictable, with many enduring lengthy courses of treatment. It is under these circumstances that the question can be asked, when is quality more important than quantity? When is the right time to opt for comfort and care when there is no cure? This is such a frightening thought, the family, the patient and even the treating physicians sometimes feel the need to fight the battle to the bitter end. This battle statistically has been shown to sometimes shorten the length of life and with it the quality.

Critical and terminal illness know no barriers like age, race or religion. That being fact we need to all become aware and educated on options. Those options include the invaluable services of hospice providers that are not only focused toward the patient but extend to the entire family, providing spiritual, emotional and physical support in the home, assisted living, nursing home, hospital or any setting the patient is comfortable in. State of the art care is delivered by some of the most caring and compassionate physicians and nurses as well as social workers, music therapists and massage therapists just to name a few.

Please make it your business to seek out information, attend a presentation or an educational lecture. Share and talk about experiences with family and friends. We have no control over the fact that we will all die, but for some, we can have control over how we and those around us will experience the last leg of the journey. Human nature is to fear what we do not know…if or when you are faced with a difficult decision you can find comfort in the life choice you make.


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