July 26, 2012

Hiring a New Employee for Your Elderly Care Community? What to Evaluate

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In an elderly care community it is essential to know that the staff is competent and worthy of trust. Caregivers of elderly residents are responsible for making sure that their clients are healthy, diagnosis safe and that their personal needs have been met. In most elderly care communities, prescription this means being able around the clock to assist with the residents daily living tasks. It also means that caregivers may be responsible for driving residents to appointments, entertainment venues and visits with friends. Because taking care of another person is a serious responsibility, it is vital that caregivers of elderly residents are thoroughly evaluated to ensure that they are competent. The following guidelines represent some of the most important areas to evaluate when hiring a caregiver for an elderly care community.

Characteristics of a Quality Caregiver
A quality caregiver should have a pleasant personality. When answering interview questions in the caregiver hiring process, they should be able to communicate effectively and project confidence, patience and a genuine love for elderly people. Because elderly residents may have special health needs, a quality caregiver should also be trained in first aid and CPR. It is also preferable that they have an education that includes certification or coursework in a medical or human services field.

Conducting a Background Check
In order to ensure the safety of elderly residents, all potential caregivers should be carefully screened to ensure that they do not have a criminal history. If they will be transporting residents, then it will also be necessary to check their driving records as well. While a minor ticket is acceptable, major accidents, warrants or any arrests are a major red flag. Background checks can be conducted through an agency. It should also be noted that personal references should be requested and contacted in order to gain a bigger picture of a potential caregiver’s personal and professional history. By conducting a background check on every employee, an elderly care community will be a safer environment for both the residents and other staff members.

Observe Them in Action
During the interview, observe how the potential caregiver interacts with everyone in the community. For example, if they snap at the receptionist, then they will also be likely to lose their temper with elderly residents. Once they are hired, then they should also be observed for a period of time in order to see how they interact with residents and their families. A quality caregiver will appear happy and calm as they go about their work.

Keeping elderly residents safe and comfortable is a priority in an elderly care community. Caregivers are an elderly resident’s companion, and they should be capable of meeting any need that could arise. Because caregivers work closely with patients in situations that are frequently unsupervised, it is imperative that a caregiver be evaluated to ensure that they will be able to provide quality elderly care.


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