July 22, 2013

For Mom and Dad: Six Must-Haves for Seniors Moving into a New Home

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When moving into a new home, pharm countless changes and adjustments will be experienced by each and every member of the family. For our aging parents, prescription we want nothing more than for these changes to be as easy a transition as possible. Naturally, at the top of the list of concerns is safety and sanity. No matter what age we are, these are crucial. Here are six of the best safety and sanity-minded must-haves for seniors moving into a new house.

Internet Access
Everyone wants or even needs reliable internet access. Making sure mom and pop have this assures them access to arts and entertainment, social activities, news, music and video, maps, homeowner information, senior groups, local groups and services and much, much more. Everything you may use it for, they do, and then some.

Nearby Friends and Family
Mom and dad will need friends and family no matter where they go. Electronic form is good, but in-person interactions and relationships are part of what keeps us alive as we age. Isolation is never good, especially when new to a home and area.

Self-Defense Mechanisms
The new move-in time is often a vulnerable one when it comes to home security, environmental awareness, and safety. Make sure mom and dad have some way of protecting themselves. Security systems certainly help, but these offer no physical aid and are not always affordable. A strategically placed baseball bat, tazer, or knife could mean all the difference to them, you, and any potential threats.

Phone Service
Whether it’s a landline or a cell phone, make sure they have a phone. A phone can mean the difference between life and death, sanity and insanity, information and cluelessness. If important relatives live abroad, check into affordable calling international long distance plans. Seldom is there an adult that does not need a phone for multiple reasons.

Emergency Alert Device
An Emergency Alert Device is usually a pendant, worn by mom or dad, that can be used to contact emergency help. Push-button, portable EM contact devices have been around for years and are excellent for additional peace of mind at the new home.

Fire Safety Plan
No one wants to imagine a fire, but knowing what to do in case of one is always crucial knowledge to any homeowner and occupants. The new home will need to be assessed for safety exits, proper egress, fire safety equipment, and more. From here, a fire safety plan can be formulated.

Mom and dad will be much better off with these six particular, new home must-haves. In addition, the elderly should have these amenities regardless of time at current residence. Now who’s looking out for who?


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