March 19, 2013

Five Summer Safety Tips For Retirees

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Everyone waits for the bright days and warm nights of summer. However, sovaldi sale for retirees, buy summer can be a time of additional risk for injuries and health problems. A little caution and pre-planning can help older people to enjoy those long, shop summer days without the risk of health problems.

Summer Sun Dangers

When outdoors, always use a sunscreen of an appropriate SPF level, generally at least 30 SPF. Re-apply the sunscreen periodically throughout the day to ensure that you have full coverage to prevent sunburn. Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration and heatstroke. Wear a hat to keep your face and head cooler. Take breaks in the shade to prevent overheating.

Bicycling Injuries

Bicycling is one of the fun activities retirees can enjoy on sunny summer days. Most communities have area with paved and even bike paths that reduce the risk of injury. Use these instead of riding on streets or gravel surfaces. Scout out the path in advance of your ride to ensure that you know the traffic dangers, inclines or breaks in the surface. Wear knee or elbow pads if you have special concerns for these areas of the body.

Five Summer Safety Tips For RetireesOverdoing Yard and Garden Tasks

Retirees engaging in outdoor tasks should take breaks to avoid muscle strains and injuries that often occur. If necessary, get help from friends or family members for heavy tasks. Proper support and care while working on these tasks can help to prevent injuries. If necessary, consult a back doctor to ensure that you are not left with a permanent injury. For pain management Phoenix residents should seek out one of the qualified medical professional that are available in the area.

Summer Entertaining

Summer is also a great time for having outdoor parties with friends. Preparation for parties such as housecleaning and setting up tables and chairs can increase the risk for back injuries and other health problems. Have friends or family help with these activities so that you can enjoy the party instead of feeling fatigued and achy. Also, drink alcohol in moderation to avoid falls and other accidents.

Vacation Travel

Travel tends to increase during the summer months. Though these trips to see family and enjoy new sights can be exciting, they can also increase the risk for car accidents that can cause injuries. Ensure that you know your route in advance. Plan your driving to avoid rush hours and other times of heavy traffic.


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