May 16, 2013

Don’t Stop Learning: 5 Ways for Seniors to Stay Educated After Retirement

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Retirement can be a fun and interesting time in your life. The children are grown and the hum-drum routine of a 9 to 5 is over. This is the time to test the waters and find your passion. Get out there and really live. One great way to do this is to learn something new. Here are five great ways to continue your education after retirement.

Join a Community Outreach Program

Community outreach programs are a great way to become familiar with your local area. It provides the opportunity to learn about the history, special events, and social needs of your community. These programs, such as planting trees or mentoring, could also be a nice way to spend time with your spouse or family members.

Seniors on iPadVolunteer At a Local School

If teaching or mentoring is your passion, there are enlightening and educating ways to volunteer at a local school. Public schools are always looking for stable, trust-worthy adults to help with field trips and educational functions. You can expose yourself to material that you haven’t learn in years while providing a much needed service.

Earn a Degree

Maybe you prefer a more professional approach to your post-retirement educational experience. Join a local community college or enroll in a state university. Computers and the details of modern technology are at the cusp of popular culture, so consider an MIS degree online.

If you aren’t quite ready to actually retire, a degree can also open doors to a new career that you had wanted to explore but just didn’t have time for. Even if you have a bachelor’s degree and are weighing the benefits of a masters degree, think about going back to school just to learn or to open new doors to post-retirement career options.

Discover a Hobby

Hobbies are another great to have fun while continuing your education. Some popular hobbies include trains, model cars, and professional ball cards. Of course, these are only suggestions. Hobbies are one of the few areas where you can customize your education to fit your interests.

Take Time to Travel

Time and time again, experience has proven to be the best teacher. If there is a particular culture that has always piqued your interest, traveling will allow you to completely immerse yourself within that society. This option provides an education that is not easily forgotten.

No matter what route you choose, it would be a waste not to make the most of this time. Retirement does not mean that a person has learned all there is to know. It only strips away the confines of a daily regimen. In fact, this is the time to switch gears and learn something completely new. So have fun!


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