August 21, 2019

Aging in Place: Top 4 Qualities in the Ideal House for Retirement

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Home Qualities for RetireesBy Meghan Belnap

Aging in Place: Top 4 Qualities in the Ideal House for Retirement

Retirement is a challenging time that can be made less stressful if retirees already live in a home that’s designed to meet their needs. While homeowners can renovate their property to better suit this new stage in their life, it’s often easier to search for a home that is already appropriate for retirement and its unique challenges. Keep the following in mind when shopping for a home perfect for with retirement.

Choose a Home with Wide Hallways

Aging makes it harder for homeowners to get around the house. Furthermore, along with old age comes the need to use the likes of canes and wheelchairs. Homes with wider hallways will make it easier to use these new tools and will also reduce the likelihood of injury.

Find a House with No Stairs

When on the hunt for properties that are better suited for retirement, homeowners should look for properties without stairs. While stairs may make a property more appealing for younger and larger families, homes with stairs and multiple levels aren’t ideal for retiring individuals as they can easily lead to falls and similar accidents. As such, homeowners searching for the best properties for retirees should consult with local real estate services to help them find one-story homes in their area.

Pick a Property with Handrails

Though handrails aren’t always a common find in most homes, buyers that are of retirement age should keep this feature in mind. Having handrails in potentially dangerous areas around the house will make it simpler for homeowners to navigate the property. For example, as older people tend to fall easily when in the shower, it’s ideal to have homes already designed with handrails as their presence will help to eliminate the likelihood of falls.

Buy a Home with Access to Natural Lighting

In addition to being designed with homeowners’ safety in mind, properties that are ideal for retirement also offer health benefits to its inhabitants. Homes built with ample windows will have increased access to natural lighting. This allows homeowners access to vitamin D, an essential nutrient that will help improve one’s mental and emotional state.

The right house will make easing into one’s retirement less of a challenge and more of a transition. These properties help to limit any unnecessary dangers while providing homeowners with benefits that will improve their overall quality of life. Keep this guide in mind as you search for the right home for retirement.


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