June 25, 2013

5 Ways To Help Seniors Feel Safe At Home

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It’s normal for seniors to have a strong desire to remain in their home, malady but their family members may not feel comfortable with them there alone. Seniors who have fallen a few times may have concerns about being alone, and they may have fears about home intruders or other dangers. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to help seniors and their families feel good about them remaining at home.

Financial Security

Monthly checks from retirement accounts or dividends should not be mailed to the home where they are easily intercepted. It’s safer to have these checks deposited directly into the bank or delivered to a secured post office box. It’s also wise to remind seniors that anyone who asks for their Social Security number or other financial information is most likely running a scam. It is safer for them to get the contact information and have a family member call the company back if the call seems to be legitimate.

5 Ways To Help Seniors Feel Safe At HomeSafer Homes

There are steps you can take to prevent break-ins. Install kick-proof plates along door jambs, make sure all locks are in great condition and put security film on the inside of windows to make them harder to break. Place valuable items out of sight of windows or doors, and install security locks on all doors of the home to deter intruders.

Regular Contact

Make sure that a phone is working and within easy reach. Seniors can have trouble getting up from the couch and walking around the home, so it’s wise to have several phones strategically placed around the home. If possible, invest in a small, cordless phone that can be carried in a pocket for the ultimate convenience.

Peace of Mind

Invest in LifeShield house security systems to provide your family with peace of mind. These systems aren’t just for sounding the alarm if someone breaks in. They are also designed to call for help in the event of fire or a medical emergency.

Proper Lighting

Dim lighting is a problem even for young and healthy people. It can be a serious hazard for elderly people with failing eyesight and a poor sense of balance. Make sure that all rooms are well-lit to avoid accidents. Install motion-activated security lighting outside of doors, and put exterior lights around stairs and entrances to help prevent falls.

If you are a senior who wants to stay home, these steps will help you feel more comfortable. If you are a family member, these improvements can set your mind at ease knowing that your loved one is safe. These improvements are affordable and easy to make, so you can put the measures in place today to start protecting the people you care about.


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