June 4, 2013

5 Ways for a Smooth Adjustment to an Assisted Living Center

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You never want to have to make a decision to move a parent to an assisted living facility, but it can be necessary when your loved one can no longer take care of themselves. If you cannot help to maintain your parent’s house and take care of their special needs, you may have to help your loved one make the choice to move from his home into an assisted living facility. At a care facility, staff can help him to take care of specific needs, especially related to medical care. You can help your parent to transition into life at a assisted care facility by making him or her feel more connected to his new home.

Living Facility Visits

Get your parent involved in choosing the assisted living facility in which he or she will live. Take them to senior living centers and talk with him about the amenities that they offer. Take tour of the facilities, looking at the rooms or apartments and other spaces, such as the recreation room or pool areas. Talk to your parent about what they want in a facility and involve them in the decision-making process. Go online with your loved one to research different facilities, looking at reviews and photos of centers.

Assisted Living HelpInvolvement

Once your parent moves into a facility, encourage him to get involved in different activities, including onsite groups or activities. Your parent could discover a love of a new activity, such as water aerobics, dancing or card games. Participate in activities with your parent to help him to ease into getting more involved and making friends with other seniors. If your parent takes an interest in having greater involvement in the community, such as starting a club, encourage him and help him in any way possible.


Moving from a home to a senior living Plymouth MI facility can be difficult because assisted living centers often lack the personalization of family homes. Help your parent make his room or apartment feel more like home with personal items such as photographs and trinkets. Encourage your loved one to save special mementos and to gradually find spaces for the items in his new space.

Family Visits

Go visit your parent as frequently as possible, especially right after he moves into the assisted living facility. Bring along other family members, such as your siblings and children, to show that you still feel invested in your loved one’s life. Spend some time with your parent at the assisted living facility, taking part in activities or just having quality time.


Try to help your parent with moving and transitioning to a new facility while also allowing him to retain his independence. Monitor your parent but leave him alone to adjust to his new surroundings. Give him time to get comfortable with the facility and the amenities available. Let your parent lean on you for support but don’t try to do more than what’s necessary to help him.

Moving from a family home into an assisted living facility is never easy. You can expect you and your parent to feel a great deal of grief over the move. You both have to remember that a move doesn’t mean that your family will break apart. Letting your parent be involved in choosing a living facility and providing support as he transitions can ensure that he will eventually come to see the new space as home.


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