June 5, 2013

5 Super Hobbies to Take Up In Your Golden Years

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While some look forward to retirement with great enthusiasm for the future and accomplishing things they couldn’t do before retiring, here others worry about not having a fulfilling life. Not to worry. There are so many fun and great things to do after one retires, but these five super hobbies work for anyone!

Physical Fitness-

Physical fitness is important for all ages and can be enjoyed well into retirement. You might not want just a plain exercise routine, so classes such as Zumba can be quite pleasurable, and it combines dancing along with exercise. It’s a great way to meet others that share your interests as well, which is very important. Look for classes in your area that may cater to seniors or retirees.


If you weren’t taught in your younger years, learning how to sew is a fun hobby, and one that you could potentially even make money with. If you have grandchildren, sewing items for them would be a great way to pass the time and have something to give to others. There are often local sewing clubs that meet together, so you can socialize as well.


Writing can be a very calming and therapeutic practice, making it an excellent hobby. There are many different platforms that writers can use these days from research writing to blogging about your interests. You could even write your own children’s books and use your grandkids for inspiration.

5 Super Hobbies to Take Up In Your Golden YearsLearn an Instrument-

If you’ve always considered yourself a music lover, why not become skilled at playing an instrument? From taking traditional piano lessons to learning a less common musical gadget such as kazoo, music lessons can be rewarding, exciting, and enjoyable. Many instructors now offer music lessons online as well as in person. A good internet search yields several excellent resources for music instruction like the nation-wide network of a company like TakeLessons Tutoring.

Mind Games-

To help keep your mind sharp and youthful, try puzzles such as crosswords or Sudoku. Mental exercise is crucial as you age, so this hobby can potentially help to ward off health issues such as dementia. While it may not be a social activity, it can be a free or inexpensive one. The library may have puzzle books from which you can copy pages, or you can often find puzzles in your local newspaper.

Whichever hobby you choose to take up later in life, it is important to find one that makes you happy. A hobby should be something you enjoy doing, so just keep trying new things until you find what you like.


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