February 27, 2013

5 Simple Steps to Making Your Home a Safer Place for Your Young Grandkids

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

If you have young grand kids over to your house, you will probably want to have your home baby-proofed before the little ones start crawling and walking around. Keeping your home safe for your young grandchildren will give you peace of mind and keep them safe from harms way.

You might have hazards around your home today that you were not aware of, or maybe you just have not noticed them. By baby-proofing your home, you will prevent and reduce household accidents involving your grand kids. It might take a bit of time and effort, but it will be well worthwhile for your your young loved ones.

Choking Hazards

Look around your home and get rid of anything and everything that is a potential choking hazard for your young grand kids. Keep small, breakable items out of a toddler’s reach. This includes small knickknacks and souvenirs. Anything a toddler can put in their mouth should be stored away on a high shelf or put away in a box until they are older.

Crawling Around Your Home

The simplest way to know what might be harmful inside your home for your toddler is by seeing things from their perspective. It may sound crazy, but crawling on your hands and knees might open your eyes to possible hazards. It will help you decide what needs to be fixed so that your young grandchild is safe. If you can’t crawl, at least take a trip around the house and inspect for possible problems.

Use Safety Baby Devices and Home Security

Surround your home with devices designed for safety for young children. This would include safety gates, baby monitors, high chairs, strollers, bouncing seats and cribs that all adhere to the highest safety standards. Besides using only equipment that meets safety standards, make sure you follow all the manufacturers instructions and specifications when using these products. What might seem to be a safe way of putting something together for you may not meet the manufacturer’s instructions for complete safety. Home security is also important for children’s safety. Having a home security system can alert you if a child opens or closes a door in your home. A home security system can also save anyone’s life in case of fire, smoke, or intrusion.

Cleaning Products and Medications

Make sure that all medications and cleaning products are out of your grand children’s reach. Put them away in an inaccessible place or have safety child-proof latches on all your cabinet doors. Most people think that if a baby smelled a cleaning product, it would be enough to keep them from tasting it. This is not always the case.

Rough and Sharp Objects

Inspect all of your furniture and items in the home that have rough or pointed edges and angles. Some of the common things you might notice are fireplaces, lamp cords, side tables, coffee tables and glass tables. Glass tables should be removed from the home until the child is much older. For things you cannot remove, such as the fireplace, install some foam padding around the edges to protect your young grand kids. Remember that toddlers are not steady on their feet until they are much older.

These are just five tips for keeping your home safer for your grand kids. Implement these strategies and others as soon as possible to keep your toddler safe.


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