August 19, 2019

4 Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe as a Senior

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senior safety at home tipsBy Lizzie Weakley

As we age, a lot of things change. Our hearing and eyesight may not be as sharp, and our mobility could be reduced. Meanwhile, we typically spend more time at home because we’re retired. This combination means that it is more important than ever to be safe at home, and these four tips can help you achieve that.

Keep It Simple

The last thing you probably want is to make your home feel like a fortress, even though you’d like it to be as safe as one. The more things you can add without creating extra effort for yourself, the more effective your safety plan will be.

Choose a home security alarm system that is easy to activate and deactivate. The more codes and buttons you need, the less likely you are to arm it. Get smoke detectors that are hard-wired to reduce battery demands, and think about installing some “smart home” controls to help you improve security when you’re away.

Ramp Up Your Security

With such great technology available today, home security systems can provide you with much better protection. Video systems can capture clear footage of intruders and trespassers. The system can also link to your phone while you’re away.

Think about your lifestyle and what would help your alarm system serve you better, and then add on the features that will benefit you the most.

Increase Security in Unused Spaces

As your kids grow up and move away, some large areas of your home may no longer be used regularly. As a result, these areas may have insufficient security.

If you have bedrooms that are rarely used, make sure not only to lock their windows but also their doors to further complicate a break-in attempt. The basement door that the kids always entered can now be dead bolted, and outdoor lights that once were too bright in the kids’ rooms can now be installed.

Remove Fall Hazards

It seems that we sometimes learn to ignore certain safety hazards that we have worked around for years. Slipping area rugs, dangling power cords, and poorly-lit areas only need to be dangerous one time to cause an injury.

Have someone walk in and around your home, looking for the things that you have gradually tuned out. Let them help you correct hazards. After all, you only have to fix it once to be safer every day.

Home safety is all about getting things in place and allowing them to work while you go about your daily routines. A few simple steps like these will greatly improve your safety as a senior.

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