January 22, 2020

Are You A Veteran, But Aren’t Sure Where to Begin to Get Your Benefits?

Did you know that many Veterans and their families qualify for VA benefits, but do not seek those benefits because they feel overwhelmed by the process? Sometimes they do not realize what or if they qualify. There is so much paperwork and the entire process can seem daunting. However, there is good news! There is help that makes the process seamless and it’s free!

The National Association of Veterans and Families (NAVF) is a designated 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. NAVF’s mission is to help Veterans and their Families obtain the benefits they have earned and deserve. NAVF helps with specific issues Veterans and their surviving spouses encounter when applying for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Our NAVF team strives to eliminate the confusion and burden associated with obtaining the Veteran’s benefits.

NAVF specializes in helping qualified Veterans with a very specific benefit called VA Pension Plus Aid and Attendance, also known as A & A. This A & A benefit helps Veterans and their Families by making home care, assisted living and nursing home care more affordable. NAVF’s experience and understanding of the process have resulted in increased approvals for Veterans obtaining their A & A benefits. Our team of advocates, representing Veterans and their Families, helps with the entire process from document gathering through the application process to the final VA outcome.

Many Veterans and their spouses are unaware of their VA benefits. Too many give up because they are unable to successfully navigate the VA system. Often Veterans and their Family members attempt to apply to the VA on their own, resulting in the Veteran receiving a reduced benefit amount, delay in benefit or being wrongfully denied. NAVF works on behalf of these qualified Veterans doing all we can to get their benefits. NAVF’s experienced team members and simplified process have resulted in a 99% approval of claims submitted.

Working alongside of the Florida Veterans Foundation, a direct support organization to the Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs, NAVF has increased outreach to aging Veterans thereby increasing VA monetary benefits. Currently, our joint efforts are realizing $10 million per month in benefits to aging Veterans in Florida.

NAVF will be scheduling educational workshops across Florida beginning in 2020. Please visit our website at www.NAVF.org  or call (904) 394-3908 for more exciting information including dates, times and locations of events!



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