August 14, 2014

Free Advertisment Alert – Southeastern Laundry Equipment

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Another FREE ad for today, no rx Southeastern Laundry Equipment. Southeastern Laundry stopped by our booth at the FALA convention (Florida Assisted Living Association) and picked up one of our FREE advertising fliers and a day later, has a FREE ad on the nations fastest growing senior housing and services resource –!SouthEastern Laundry

Knowing that not many users would be their target market, we built them a banner for our client login page. The client login page is where all of our advertisers go to access their as proofs, WebTracker and TrafficTracker reports. This should be a great spot for them to promote their services to senior living communities!

You can check out their banner here – and get your FREE advertisement by visiting



Free Advertisement Alert – Thrive Ice Cream

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Check out who got a FREE banner on today – Thrive Ice Cream.

Thrive_Ice_Cream_Complete_NutritionThe THRIVE® Ice Cream concept began almost a decade ago, with the idea of providing an ice cream like product that would “pack” nutrition into a great tasting form. Ice cream and dairy products are a natural carrier of great tasting nutrition such as proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals At the same time Ice Cream is a favorite food of most Americans. Because of its unique nutritional offerings and broad appeal, ice cream like products are a natural fit for added nutrition lacking in the diets of many consumers today. This concept grew and was intentionally developed over the last several years to not only taste good, but also to provide a source of complete and balanced nutrition for those individuals needing a calorie dense food. Thrive contains a wide variety of nutritional benefits including Protein, Fiber, Probiotics, Vitamins and Minerals.Thrive

You can see their ad on here and you’ll see a banner advertisement in EVERY search performed in Central Florida.

If you’d like to see your community or senior service get some free advertising, visit before this promotion ends!





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