August 19, 2013

New Listing Alert – Winter Haven Resort 3501 Old Port Isabel Road Brownsville, TX 78526

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headerWinter Haven Resort is a Five Star, seek gated, pharmacy senior (age 55+) community, nestled among towering majestic palm trees with meandering resaca waterways. Located on the border by the sea, the Resort is in Brownsville, Texas, a truly international city where two cultures meet to create a unique land of exotic sounds, flavor, history and natural beauty. Close by is the Gulf of Mexico with its emerald surf, glistening sand beaches and bountiful marine life.

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August 13, 2013

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New Listing Alert – Sterling Court 1001 Alabaster Way Deltona, FL 32725

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leftnav_01Sterling Court is nestled on picturesque grounds in the charming community of Deltona, hospital you’ll love the coziness of our facilities and appreciate the convenience of being close to all the things that make life rich. We’re just minutes from shopping, discount healthcare, dining and the beautiful Florida beaches. If you’re in the mood to step out, visit destinations like Lake Helen, the Thursby Mansion, Blue Springs State Park, or enjoy all the attractions of Orlando. Our warm and dedicated live-in managers want to make your experience with us truly special, and you’ll wish you’d come home to Sterling Court sooner.

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The Top 5 Best Senior-Friendly Cars on the Market Today

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When motorists begin to age, patient they often begin to desire a vehicle that delivers more comfort on a daily basis. The cramped sports coupe that they once drove as a youngster is no longer the best option. However, and being an older citizen does mean that you are destined to own a boring ride. Here are the top five best senior-friendly cars on today’s car market.

Chrysler 300C
For the older drivers that still have the desire for performance, sale the Chrysler 300C is a worthy choice. Not only does it deliver an extremely comfortable ride, but it can also be equipped with a powerful Hemi engine. The best part is that the 300C’s doors open wide so that anyone can easily get in and out of the cabin. Like most luxury sedans, the 300C is also loaded with an impressive list of amenities.

The Top 5 Best Senior-Friendly Cars on the Market TodayHonda Odyssey EX-L
Contrary to popular opinion, mini-vans are not just for families. The Honda Odyssey EX-L is also a great option for the older crowd. It has an excellent safety rating along with a rear-view camera that makes driving it even easier. The older generation of drivers will also love the fact that it has push button doors. Hauling the grandkids around has never been this much fun.

Honda CR-V LX
The Honda CR-V is beloved by people of every age group. Mature drivers will enjoy its practicality and excellent gas mileage. Contrasted with some of the larger SUVs on the market, the CR-V is easy to maneuver on the road. Due to its commendable cargo capacity, the small SUV is an excellent choice for retirees that enjoy traveling.

Ford Taurus Limited SE
The Ford Taurus has always been a perennial favorite among the older drivers. It is also one of the most stylish sedans in its class, so no driver will ever feel outdated. Ford’s SYNC system enables the driver to easily control the entertainment system, make phone calls, and map out the area using the navigation system. Its safety rating also insures a low cost of California car insurance.

Dodge Challenger R/T
The reality is that some drivers will never lose their need for speed. The Dodge Challenger R/T is probably the most comfortable high-performance coupe that is available. It will surely bring back fond memories of the iconic muscle car era of 1960s.


Five Easy Tips for Recovering After a Broken Bone

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Courtesy of Hannah Whittenly []

It seems like it takes forever for a broken bone to heal. When you add in the hassle of dealing with slings, crutches and casts, six weeks can seem like six years.
Here are five things you can do to hasten the healing process.

Eat Right
This seems to be the standard answer for any ailment, but it bears repeating. Eating a balanced diet not only keeps you healthy, it also helps the body heal. Eating lean protein rich foods such as low fat dairy, chicken and beans maintain muscle tone and stimulate bone formation. Try increasing protein intake by 15 grams daily.

Listen to Your Doctor
Once the initial shock has passed, you might want to try to get back to your normal routine. While resuming activities is good for the mind, it’s not broken bonealways good for the body. Trying to do too much too soon can put additional strain on the damaged area and increase recovery time. Your doctor is the expert and heeding his/her advice regarding activity restrictions will allow you to return to normal faster. This is particularly important if the injury was due to a fall on commercial property or at someone’s home and a personal injury attorney is involved.

Using complementary medical practices, such as massage, can speed up the healing process. Gentle massage increases blood flow to the area which fuels the healing process. Gentle massage is called for in cases of a broken bone, both above and below the affected area. If you are unable to massage the area yourself, work with a licensed medical massage therapist. Licensed therapists have the necessary training to avoid exacerbating the injury.

No Smoking
Despite being another standard answer for health conditions, smoking truly is bad for the bones. The nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels, preventing the necessary nutrients from reaching the damaged area, increasing the healing time.

Say No to Excess Calcium
While calcium is an essential nutrient for bone strength, more is not better. While consuming about 1,000 milligrams of calcium is good for your health, too much calcium doesn’t build bones. If enough calcium is consumed to create a calcium overdose, it can cause constipation or kidney stones. Discuss adding a small dose of Vitamin D to your diet to help your body absorb and use the calcium you consume effectively.
Healthy living habits are the best way to heal from a broken bone. Follow your doctor’s advice and soon you’ll be up and around in no time.


August 9, 2013

New Listing Alert – Marion Woods 1661 SE 31st Street Ocala, FL 34471

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leftnav_01Bathed in the warm Florida sun, for sale Marion Woods is an inviting and friendly place to come home to. You’ll love all that Ocala has to offer, shop like Rainbow Springs, the Ocala Forest and the Silver River Museum. And if you’re a horse enthusiast, Ocala is the horse capital of the world. We’re also just a short drive from Gainesville and Orlando. You’ll be happy every day with your decision to join our family, and we look forward to meeting you.

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August 8, 2013

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August 7, 2013

Six Reasons Why You Should Take Natural Supplements for Optimal Health

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There is a strong relationship between longevity, optimal health and having a balanced diet. However, using a variety of natural supplements can help improve quality of life for people. Here is a quick overview on why people should take natural supplements to optimize their health.

Increased Energy Levels
One key benefit to taking natural supplements is remarkable improvement in their energy levels. Taking herbal supplements such as green tea extract, guarana, caffeine and ginseng improve energy levels, alertness and aerobic endurance. If you find yourself in a rut one day, taking one or more of these supplements can help get things back up to speed.

More Strength
Most people over the the age of 40 begin to start to see serious decline in anabolic hormones such as testosterone, estrogen, HGH, and IGF-1. supplementsThese hormones keep us lean, improve our bone density, strength and muscle mass. There are a variety of natural supplements, especially Thorne natural products, that are designed to improve muscle mass and strength like BCAAs and Whey protein.

Better Body Composition
Obesity is one of the biggest issues affecting Americans today. Although being overweight is attributed to overeating and lack of exercise, people can still take natural supplements to lose weight. Taking green tea extract, raspberry ketones and whey powder are again some supplements that people should take to keep excess body fat off.

Increase Brain Power
As individuals age, so does the neurological system. Many individuals see significant declines in memory, mental alertness and other cognitive functions as they get older. There are a plethora of natural herbal remedies to help sharpen the brain and help boost concentration.

Reduce Cancer Risks
Millions of people are diagnosed and treated for cancer a year in America. One way that people can help reduce their risk of getting cancer is incorporating a variety of antioxidants into their diet. This can be done by eating a copious amount of fruits and vegetables. But, this can also be achieved through Thorne products.

Less Stress
Stress has been linked to increased risk for cardiovascular ailments. Stress has also been linked to lack of sleep. Magnesium is a natural supplement that people take calm their bodies at night and enjoy full sleep.
Don’t be afraid to take natural supplements. All of these ingredients occur naturally and should be used to optimize health and quality of life.


New Listing Alert – Everette Mason Home Care P.O. Box 9153 Virginia Beach, VA 23450

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481470_109542619254423_1781045310_nEverette Mason Home Care is a creative alternative in assisting with basic health related services. We offer personalized health and support services in a variety of settings. We understand that caring for your loved ones can be challenging and often require the assistance of qualified outside resources. At EMHC, rx you can be certain you will receive optimal home care; Our staff interacts with kindness, compassion and demonstrate a willingness to achieve the goals of our patients.

View the full listing here –


August 6, 2013

Five Tips on How To Make Moving Easier For Seniors

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Moving can be a stressful and difficult process at any age, but even more of a challenge for seniors who need extra assistance and have to take more precautionary safety measures. However, it’s possible to have a smooth moving process that is easier than expected with a bit of extra help for seniors.

Hire Movers
By hiring a professional moving service, all appliances and belongings are securely packed into boxes by professionals, meaning a minimal amount of work needed by the residents who are moving. Boxes and furniture are all packed into a moving truck at a quick and safe pace, preventing seniors from having to lift heavy items or drive the truck. Movers are even able to transport materials to different residences or self storage units located in New Orleans.

Five Tips on How To Make Moving Easier For SeniorsRent a Storage Unit
It can be very difficult for seniors to let go of treasured items or belongings that they’ve had for decades, making a garage sale out of the question when it’s too difficult to part from certain sentimental items. By renting a storage unit, it can mean not having to part with the items as they’re stored in a climate-controlled environment. It will also mean there will be less boxes to unpack and more space in the new residence for a quicker moving process.

Visit for more information on units available.

Have the Family Help
By asking family and friends to help with part of the packing and unpacking, it will make for a fun get-together that cuts the moving time process in half with more hands available. Provide food and beverages, along with some music, to make it a fun and productive day.

Use Colored Labels
By labeling each box in a different color according to the room they belong to, it will make it easier to determine where each box should be stored in the new home. Heavy boxes should also have a warning on them to prevent seniors from attempting to lift them.

For boxes that need to be opened immediately after moving, use clear containers that make the contents inside visible and pack them in cars for easy access.

Keep Pets in a Hotel
Many pet hotels provide care for animals during the moving process, making it easier to prevent losing a pet or complicating the moving process. The safety of the pet will provide peace of mind so they’re out of the way until the senior is in the new home.

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