August 6, 2013

Five Tips on How To Make Moving Easier For Seniors

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Moving can be a stressful and difficult process at any age, but even more of a challenge for seniors who need extra assistance and have to take more precautionary safety measures. However, it’s possible to have a smooth moving process that is easier than expected with a bit of extra help for seniors.

Hire Movers
By hiring a professional moving service, all appliances and belongings are securely packed into boxes by professionals, meaning a minimal amount of work needed by the residents who are moving. Boxes and furniture are all packed into a moving truck at a quick and safe pace, preventing seniors from having to lift heavy items or drive the truck. Movers are even able to transport materials to different residences or self storage units located in New Orleans.

Five Tips on How To Make Moving Easier For SeniorsRent a Storage Unit
It can be very difficult for seniors to let go of treasured items or belongings that they’ve had for decades, making a garage sale out of the question when it’s too difficult to part from certain sentimental items. By renting a storage unit, it can mean not having to part with the items as they’re stored in a climate-controlled environment. It will also mean there will be less boxes to unpack and more space in the new residence for a quicker moving process.

Visit for more information on units available.

Have the Family Help
By asking family and friends to help with part of the packing and unpacking, it will make for a fun get-together that cuts the moving time process in half with more hands available. Provide food and beverages, along with some music, to make it a fun and productive day.

Use Colored Labels
By labeling each box in a different color according to the room they belong to, it will make it easier to determine where each box should be stored in the new home. Heavy boxes should also have a warning on them to prevent seniors from attempting to lift them.

For boxes that need to be opened immediately after moving, use clear containers that make the contents inside visible and pack them in cars for easy access.

Keep Pets in a Hotel
Many pet hotels provide care for animals during the moving process, making it easier to prevent losing a pet or complicating the moving process. The safety of the pet will provide peace of mind so they’re out of the way until the senior is in the new home.



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