June 18, 2013

Staying Connected: Five Tips to Help Seniors Use a Smartphone

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Courtesy of Rianne Hunter [riannehunter@gmail.com]

Older generations always seem a little behind in their adoption of new technologies, and although the number of seniors accessing the internet and having fun with new gadgets is higher than one might expect, the smart phone remains a foreign piece of digital wizardry that’s too complex to master. Fortunately, there are some solutions for making it easy for seniors to access their smartphones, and many of those options stem from recently designed apps.

Consider a phablet

A “phablet” is a smart phone that’s larger than the average phone, but which isn’t quite big enough to be considered a tablet computer (phone + tablet = phablet). These large phones offer Staying Connected Five Tips Help Seniors Use A Smart Phonehuge interfaces that are perfect for seniors who can’t see the tiny icons on a traditional smart phone.

Find my Phone

Although this app is Apple-only, this program helps a person to find their phone if it is misplaced. The app is installed on the smart phone and an additional device (like an Apple computer), and when the smart phone is lost, the secondary device can help find it.

Durable smart phones

Dropping a smart phone often spells doom for these fragile devices, and it’s not uncommon for an elderly individual to have a little trouble hanging onto their phone every once in a while. There are a few very durable phones on the market that are terrific for use by seniors, such as a new smart phone from Caterpillar. Although it’s meant for construction sites, this phone is meant to be drop-proof and incredibly sturdy.

Pharmacy apps

Each major drug store offers a pharmacy app, and having drug information on hand is particularly valuable for seniors. Since many elderly individuals take multiple medications each day, a smart phone can help to track those medications and also to warn against any dangerous interactions between potential medicines. Great apps for Bell.ca windows phones include About Herbs and Davis’s Drug Guide.

Unlimited talk plans

Many smart phone users today utilize their devices for just about everything except talking. Seniors, on the other hand, tend to use their phones as they always have. It’s important when choosing a smart phone for a senior also to consider a talk plan with lots of minutes to encourage the senior to keep in touch with friends and family.

Although many seniors have only recently adopted the use of cellular phones, the arrival of smart phones definitely provides a valuable communication tool for people of all ages. Using a smart phone as a senior isn’t impossible, and with the right apps and device, anyone can learn to make use of this modern technology.


Five Safe Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Appearance

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Courtesy of Rianne Hunter [riannehunter@gmail.com]

Most people try to look their best at all times whatever their age. As the years add up, recipe some people find time has taken its toll and putting their best foot forward is more difficult than before. The following are five tips you can follow at any age to improve your appearance.

Choose to Live a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition and Exercise
Some people develop poor lifestyle habits simply because they were too busy taking care of their family and earning an income. If you are someone who usually depends on convenience foods and feels too tired to exercise, ailment you can improve the way you look and feel by changing those habits. As a senior, your children are likely grown and on their own, so you may be retired and now have more time to focus on your own well-being. Although it will take some extra time and effort, you may be surprised at the positive difference you feel when you eat a nutritious diet and work at being more active.
5 Safe Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Appearance

Change Your Outward Appearance – Hair and Clothing
The clothes you wear and your hair and makeup can affect how you feel about yourself and how other people see you. Now that you are eating healthy meals and getting regular exercise, you are likely to feel more energetic and develop positive feelings about yourself. Remind yourself that change can be a good thing and take a good look in the mirror. If your hair and/or clothing looks outdated or unattractive, take steps to make changes in those areas. Ask younger members of your family for suggestions before you visit a hair stylist and go shopping.

Is Cosmetic Surgery an Option?
There are times when good nutrition, exercise and a remake are just not enough. You may be someone who has gained so much weight that these changes cannot accomplish the image you want to see. Although cosmetic surgery should be your last resort, it may be the best choice for you. Before picking a surgeon, make a “Picking a Surgeon Checklist” of questions that you need satisfactory answers to. This is certainly an area where you should pay attention to the phrase “buyer beware“. Make sure the doctor you choose to do your surgery has years of experience and no negative reviews.

Maintain a Positive Outlook
Your attitude is very noticeable to other people, and the picture you present is more attractive when you feel good about yourself and the life you are living.


June 12, 2013

Stay Mobile: 5 Transportation Tips for Seniors Looking to Travel

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

Seniors have a lot of time at their disposal, recipe and many of them take advantage of it by doing a lot of traveling. Seniors may have more time to travel, purchase but that doesn’t mean they have a lot of time to waste. They want to make their travel experiences as efficient and comfortable as possible. To help them with that, they can make use of these five tips that seniors can use to travel well.

1. Travel Light
When it comes to traveling easy, one of the best tips for any trip is to travel light. Go ahead and pack your suitcase with everything you think you need, but then take out at least a few items that you think that you can make do without. Shedding the added weight of packing unnecessary items will save seniors a lot of energy on a trip.

2. Avoid Thieves
The best way to stay safe from thieves is to never leave your valuables unguarded. Use a money belt to keep your cash, credit cards and important documents safe from pickpockets. Also, be sure to lock valuables up in the safe instead of leaving them lying about the hotel room. Never leave your things unattended in a public space for even a moment.

Seniors Traveling3. Drive Safe
It becomes more dangerous for seniors to derive as they age. Their vision becomes poorer and their reaction times slow down. Seniors can mitigate these risk factors by always keeping their vehicles in good condition. Put quality tires like Silverado tires on the car to ensure good traction in all weather conditions. Also, make sure to get a thorough inspection by a trusted mechanic before departing on a trip.

4. Don’t Pass up Your Dream Destinations
When you are a senior, there is no time to put off completing items on your bucket list. If you want to take a trip somewhere, then take it. No matter how impractical you think it may be, there is always a way to take your dream trip while there is still time. Most places will have accommodations for seniors.

5. Think About Group Tours or Cruises
One of the most enjoyable ways for seniors to travel is with people from their own age group. It is nice to share new experiences with people who have similar life experiences. There are lots of cruises and tour groups that are catered to seniors. They move at a slower pace to accommodate them, and their activities are geared to seniors’ preferences as well.


New Listings Alert – Senior Living Residences, 12 Massachusetts locations!

Senior Living Residences (SLR), established in 1990, is an industry leader in the creation of service-enriched housing and care options for seniors in New England. The privately-held firm, among the founders of assisted 552205_10150637034842724_208320488_aliving in New England, has been on the cutting edge of providing innovative quality programming for seniors and topnotch management services for clients for the past 20 years.

Partnering with equally committed organizations, such as the Boston University School of Medicine’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center, SLR remains at the forefront of research-based care for seniors,
especially those living with Alzheimer’s disease.

SLR’s portfolio of expertise includes:

  • Service-Enhanced Independent Senior Living
  • Service-Enriched Assisted Living
  • Innovative research-based “Compass Memory Support”
    for those with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias

View their listings on the nation’s fastest growing senior housing and services resource!

Armbrook Village
Compass on the Bay
Compass at Hopkinton
Cambridge Homes
Cape Cod Senior Residences
Concord Park
Cornerstone at Milford
John F. Kennedy Apartments
Methuen Village
Nashoba Park
Neville Place
Standish Village


June 11, 2013

New Listings Alert – Spectrum Retirement Communities – 28 locations nationwide!

528545_310139515731064_1693607294_aSpectrum Retirement Communities, pills LLC headquartered in Denver, cialis sale Colorado, is a leading developer, owner and operator of Retirement, Assisted Living and Memory Care communities across the United States. Our team of seasoned professionals has decades of combined expertise in all aspects of the senior housing experience. We are proud to promote an environment where staff members take pride and responsibility for every aspect of their community and the service they provide to their residents.

Spectrum offers seniors a unique opportunity to enjoy affordable luxury living in highly desirable locations with easy access to shopping, medical facilities and local residential neighborhoods. It is the mission of Spectrum Retirement Communities to empower seniors to continue along on their paths to personal growth, health and wellness. With this in mind, our communities offer state-of-the-art amenities, gracious hospitality, a wide range of specialized services, and innovative programs that will continue to support their needs-and ultimately, exceed their expectations.

Palos Verdes Senior Living
Mountain Park Senior Living

HighPointe Assisted Living and Memory Care
Rigden Farm Retirement Community
Lakeview Senior Living
Lincoln Meadows

Three Oaks Assisted Living
Cedar Lake

Shawnee Senior Living
Park Meadows Senior Living


Pine Ridge of Garfield
Villas of Shelby Senior Living
Pine Ridge of Plumbrook
Pine Ridge of Hayes
Maple Heights

Southview Assisted Living
Crestview Senior Living
Westview at Ellisville
The Homestead at Hickory View

New Mexico
Palmilla Senior Living

New York
Parkrose Estates

Gardens at Westlake

Cedar Village
Redwood Heights
Pheasant Pointe
Ocean Crest
Ocean Ridge

Clearwater Springs


June 10, 2013

Finances And Retirement: 5 Ways To Manage Your Money After Retirement

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

Hitting retirement is an important milestone in anyone’s life. However, you have to make sure that you have enough money to last you for the entirety of your retirement years. The last thing that you want to do is go back to work again when you are 80. What are some ways to manage your money after retirement to ensure that you always have enough money on hand?

1) Hold Off On The IRA Distributions
You don’t have to take IRA distributions until you are 70.5 years of age. This means that you can let that money continue to grow and accrue interest for a few years after retirement assuming that you retire at age 65. Waiting five years to start withdrawing could add thousands to your IRA.

Finances after Retirement2) Continue To Invest
Never stop investing regardless of how old you are. If you have been saving all of your life, leaving a small percentage of your portfolio in the market can net you an extra few thousand dollars of tax-advantaged income each year.

3) Diversify Your Investments
Don’t leave all of your money in the stock market. Some alternates to stocks and bonds include gold and real estate. Those are investments that will continue to grow no matter how old you are.

4) Don’t Take On Too Much Debt
It is alright to buy a car or take a trip around the world after you finish working. However, don’t get a mortgage for a $500,000 house unless you have the money available already. Taking on new debt is the easiest way to drain your retirement savings within a few years. If you are going on vacation, visit site of a good travel agent to ensure that you get the best deal on a vacation package.

5) Know Where You Will Get Health Care From
Health care can be expensive if you are over the age of 65. The good news is that the government will pay for a majority of it. If you don’t want Medicare, look for an inexpensive private plan or get your coverage from the military if you have previously served.

Retirement is something that all workers strive for. To get there, you need to work hard and plan well. If you can do that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have enough money to live regardless of how many years you have after your retirement.


New Listings Alert – Buckner Communities – 7 locations throughout Texas!

Each of the Buckner communities is located on acres of natural abundance so that you are surrounded by an environment that is both beautiful and peaceful. Our homes and apartments are arranged conveniently, cialis manicured thoroughly, and designed to optimize aesthetic functionality.

We offer a continuum of care with Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Support, Skilled Nursing, Hospice and Meals on Wheels, so as your needs change, so does our care. With seven Texas locations, you’ll discover a century of dedication to senior care.Untitled-2

Other retirement service providers will tell you that they have competent health aides, but Buckner employs some of the most experienced and passionate caregivers in the entire industry, trained to administer quality service. Our staff’s enthusiasm and expertise is truly unparalleled.

So why Buckner?
Ours is an organization of faith. It is the core of our passion, will and ability to serve others. It shapes our actions every single day with everything we do.

Our community is our family. You will be surrounded by loving individuals who will share in your joys and understand your hardships – people who want to build rewarding, lasting relationships. In everything we do, Buckner cares about you.

Baptist Retirement Community
Buckner Retirement Village
Buckner Villas
Buckner Westminster Place
Calder Woods
Parkway Place
The Woodlands


New Listings Alert – be.group communities – 9 locations throughout California

logoMore than 65 years ago, a small group of individuals in Southern California made a bold commitment: to build an organization that would help older adults continue to lead rich, purposeful lives. What was originally Southern California Presbyterian Homes is now be.group. Over the decades we have expanded from one fledgling community in La Jolla to 35 communities serving thousands of older adults throughout the state. Faith-based in our roots, we remain committed to providing superior-quality communities and services for seniors of all backgrounds, ethnicities and spiritual beliefs. While what we do has evolved to meet the changing needs of new generations, we stay true to the ideals of our founders.

As one of the country’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living communities, our dedicated, well-trained staff are dedicated to help our residents and clients discover new ways to embrace life’s possibilities and new options for exploring their potential. Southern California Presbyterian Homes became be.group on April 26, 2011, to better reflect this mission. It’s a name and a philosophy that we believe sums up everything we’ve been, everything we are today and everything we aspire to be in the future. Our vision, like the vision of our founders, begins and ends with the people we serve. We’re here to help seniors be who they want to be: themselves.

View their listings here, complete with pictures, floor plans and contact info for each community.

Kirkwood Orange
Kirkwood Redding
Redwood Terrace
Regents Point
Royal Oaks
Twelve Oaks
Westminster Gardens
White Sands La Jolla


New Listings Alert – Sunshine Retirement Living, Locations in AZ, AR, CA, GA, LA, OR & TX.

A renewed vision for retirement living: Sunshine Retirement Living’s mission is to be the sunshine-logopreferred senior living provider by offering value, sales choice and independence while promoting health and social interaction so as to exceed our residents’ expectations and enrich the lives of those we serve and employ.

We have developed the right combination of comfort, care, safety and quality so that each resident will want to call their individual community “home”. By providing meals, housekeeping, activities, transportation, utilities and in-house management staff, Sunshine Retirement Living continues to build an unparalleled community feeling in each property we manage.

View their listings here, complete with direct contact info, pictures, floor plans and more!

Manor at Midvale

Country Club Village

Quail Lodge
Canterbury Court
Pacific Pointe
Creekside Oaks
Waterford Terrace
Deer Park
Villa Serena

Dunwoody Pines

Landing at Behrman Place

Garden Way
Summerfield Estates

Brook Ridge
The Clairmont
The Continental
Tarrytowne Estates


June 7, 2013

New Listings Alert – Provision Living, locations throughout the U.S.!

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logo-plProvision Living, mind LLC, is a premier regional operator and investor in senior housing properties, specifically focusing on independent living, assisted living and assisted-living-based dementia services. The company is based in St. Louis with operations in eight states, representing more than 1,100 units and 550 associates.

Provision Living at Panama City Beach

Southern Pines Senior Living

Amber Ridge
Amber Ridge Memory Care
Cedarhurst of Collinsville Assisted Living
GreenTree at Mt. Vernon
Provision Living at Godfrey

GreenTree at Ft. Harrison
GreenTree at Post Road
GreenTree at West Lafayette
GreenTree at Westwood

Windsor Manor at Algona
Windsor Manor at Grinnell
Windsor Manor at Indianola
Windsor Manor at Nevada
Windsor Manor at Shenandoah
Windsor Manor at Vinton
Windsor Manor at Webster City

Provision Living at Hattiesburg

Provision Living at St. Louis Hills
Provision Living at Webster Groves

The Summit at Park Hills

Provision Living at Hermitage

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