June 19, 2013

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lgo_bonaventureBonaventure is all about one thing: life on your terms. That’s why so many people choose a Bonaventure community after they’ve explored all their options. It’s also why so many doctors, referral agencies, churches and others, including 96% of our residents, enthusiastically recommend us to their friends and families.

We care about what home means to you. We’re dedicated to giving you a caring, lively, comfortable, affordable place to make your home. We want it to be filled with family, fun, new experiences, and exactly the amount of expert help and care you desire – from a little to a lot.

Start something new and exciting in your life. There’s no place like home, especially when it’s your home at a Bonaventure Senior Living community. If we’re right for you, you’ll know it 10 minutes after you walk in the door. Come explore your next chapter. Find your Retirement Perfected™.

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Your Turn to Care for Them: Five of The Best Ways to Help an Aging Parent

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Courtesy of Rose McKellen [rosemckellen@gmail.com]

While you were growing up, buy you probably relied on your parents for everything you needed. As an adult, you might still turn to your parents for advice on issues that come up in your life. Later, there will come a day that your parents will have to ask you for help, and you will become their number one caregiver. Below are five ways you can help your aging parents in the best way possible.Your Turn

Living Circumstances

Think about helping your parents become eligible to buy or rent some sort of home or apartment that is in a community set up for people who have reached retirement age. This type of community has the required qualifications to assist seniors when they need help. They allow your parents to live independently as long as they are able. For you, it leaves a comfortable feeling knowing that someone is close by to help if needed.

Long-Term Care Insurance

You should think about helping your parents buy an insurance policy that covers all types of long-term care. This insurance would be there to pay for nursing home fees should they become necessary. It will also cover the fees for home nursing care and different types of senior assistance that your parents might need.

Help to Maintain Their Home

If your parents have a home of their own, try to help them keep it maintained so that they can stay there as long as possible. If one or both of your parents have special needs, try to adapt the home to those changes so that they can stay in their home. Try to add any safety amenities they might need to their home, especially in areas such as the bathroom, by installing bars around the tub, shower and toilets. Make sure all stairs in the home have handrails to help guide your parents so that they will not fall.

Emergency Systems

For the benefit of your parents, look into purchasing an emergency system of some sort so that if there is an emergency, they can contact first responders and family by instantly touching a button.

Research Elderly Care Options

There are many local service agencies and groups for senior citizens that can help your parents. Elder care in Columbus will consider your parents needs and then match them with specific services. Some centers offer care for adults during the day if your parents need help or if they want the chance to socialize with other senior citizens for company. This keeps the elderly from becoming lonely and bored.

Make sure you think about the costs of your parents living in a nursing home, retirement center or other home care facilities. If you and your parents do not have the money to cover these expenses, you might consider allowing your parents to live with you so that you can help them with their needs as they age.


Troubling Situations Made Easy: 5 Tips for Funeral Arrangements

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Courtesy of Brooke Chaplan [brookechaplan@gmail.com]

There is nothing easy about managing a funeral or all the stress that comes with it. When someone you know and care about has passed on, medical your mind is likely full of confusion and strong emotions, pharm making it hard to concentrate on mundane matters. If you are taking care of funeral arrangements, consider these tips to keep you on track.

Comparison Shop

The funeral industry is one like any other, but the truth is that most people do not recognize this. Not all funeral homes have the same rates, and you will find that it is always worth your while to comparison shop. Do not let anyone tell you that this is disrespectful to the dead.

Troubling Situations Made easy 5 tips for funeral arrangementsConsider Body Donation

If the deceased had no specific wishes, it might be a great gesture to donate the body to science. If your loved one had a love of advancing the field of medicine, look for a program that will allow you to donate the body at no cost to your family.

Reconsider Embalming

No matter what you may have heard, embalming is never a legal requirement. Though there are some unfortunate incidences which make embalming necessary, you will find that by and large, you can skip this expense. Talk to your local funeral home on the subject.

Stay Healthy

If you are taking care of a funeral, you will find that it is easy to get rushed. Life may be moving very fast, and you might be feeling a little numb. If at all possible, make sure that you are getting regular and nutritious meals. Do not go into any sort of funeral arrangement hungry, as this can make you prone to quick decisions and mood swings.

Organize the Legal Matters

If you are dealing with legal matters during the funeral arrangements, make sure that you contact a lawyer as soon as you know one is needed. Take initiative by gathering all documents needed after a death. According to a McAllen Wrongful Death Attorney, organizing personal belongings quickly can help you to make time for grieving later. The sooner you get this taken care of, the sooner your life can move forward.

When you are looking at putting together funeral arrangements for someone that you care about, life can get stressful. Take a moment to think about how you can make things go smoothly. Be gentle with yourself and be aware of what emotions are doing to you.



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