June 18, 2013

Staying Connected: Five Tips to Help Seniors Use a Smartphone

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Courtesy of Rianne Hunter [riannehunter@gmail.com]

Older generations always seem a little behind in their adoption of new technologies, and although the number of seniors accessing the internet and having fun with new gadgets is higher than one might expect, the smart phone remains a foreign piece of digital wizardry that’s too complex to master. Fortunately, there are some solutions for making it easy for seniors to access their smartphones, and many of those options stem from recently designed apps.

Consider a phablet

A “phablet” is a smart phone that’s larger than the average phone, but which isn’t quite big enough to be considered a tablet computer (phone + tablet = phablet). These large phones offer Staying Connected Five Tips Help Seniors Use A Smart Phonehuge interfaces that are perfect for seniors who can’t see the tiny icons on a traditional smart phone.

Find my Phone

Although this app is Apple-only, this program helps a person to find their phone if it is misplaced. The app is installed on the smart phone and an additional device (like an Apple computer), and when the smart phone is lost, the secondary device can help find it.

Durable smart phones

Dropping a smart phone often spells doom for these fragile devices, and it’s not uncommon for an elderly individual to have a little trouble hanging onto their phone every once in a while. There are a few very durable phones on the market that are terrific for use by seniors, such as a new smart phone from Caterpillar. Although it’s meant for construction sites, this phone is meant to be drop-proof and incredibly sturdy.

Pharmacy apps

Each major drug store offers a pharmacy app, and having drug information on hand is particularly valuable for seniors. Since many elderly individuals take multiple medications each day, a smart phone can help to track those medications and also to warn against any dangerous interactions between potential medicines. Great apps for Bell.ca windows phones include About Herbs and Davis’s Drug Guide.

Unlimited talk plans

Many smart phone users today utilize their devices for just about everything except talking. Seniors, on the other hand, tend to use their phones as they always have. It’s important when choosing a smart phone for a senior also to consider a talk plan with lots of minutes to encourage the senior to keep in touch with friends and family.

Although many seniors have only recently adopted the use of cellular phones, the arrival of smart phones definitely provides a valuable communication tool for people of all ages. Using a smart phone as a senior isn’t impossible, and with the right apps and device, anyone can learn to make use of this modern technology.


Five Safe Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Appearance

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Courtesy of Rianne Hunter [riannehunter@gmail.com]

Most people try to look their best at all times whatever their age. As the years add up, recipe some people find time has taken its toll and putting their best foot forward is more difficult than before. The following are five tips you can follow at any age to improve your appearance.

Choose to Live a Healthy Lifestyle – Nutrition and Exercise
Some people develop poor lifestyle habits simply because they were too busy taking care of their family and earning an income. If you are someone who usually depends on convenience foods and feels too tired to exercise, ailment you can improve the way you look and feel by changing those habits. As a senior, your children are likely grown and on their own, so you may be retired and now have more time to focus on your own well-being. Although it will take some extra time and effort, you may be surprised at the positive difference you feel when you eat a nutritious diet and work at being more active.
5 Safe Ways for Seniors to Improve Their Appearance

Change Your Outward Appearance – Hair and Clothing
The clothes you wear and your hair and makeup can affect how you feel about yourself and how other people see you. Now that you are eating healthy meals and getting regular exercise, you are likely to feel more energetic and develop positive feelings about yourself. Remind yourself that change can be a good thing and take a good look in the mirror. If your hair and/or clothing looks outdated or unattractive, take steps to make changes in those areas. Ask younger members of your family for suggestions before you visit a hair stylist and go shopping.

Is Cosmetic Surgery an Option?
There are times when good nutrition, exercise and a remake are just not enough. You may be someone who has gained so much weight that these changes cannot accomplish the image you want to see. Although cosmetic surgery should be your last resort, it may be the best choice for you. Before picking a surgeon, make a “Picking a Surgeon Checklist” of questions that you need satisfactory answers to. This is certainly an area where you should pay attention to the phrase “buyer beware“. Make sure the doctor you choose to do your surgery has years of experience and no negative reviews.

Maintain a Positive Outlook
Your attitude is very noticeable to other people, and the picture you present is more attractive when you feel good about yourself and the life you are living.



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