March 1, 2013

New Listing Alert – Wheelchair Transport Service 14561 58th Street North Clearwater, FL 33760

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Wheelchair Transport Service Wheelchair Transport Service (WTS), prostate under the direction of George B. Williams, sildenafil Sr., pioneered disabled transportation on the West Coast of Florida back in 1972. Today, that innovation and pioneering spirit is carried on by the second generation Williams Family and personnel of WTS. By employing the latest in technology, our global positioning satellite tracked vehicles allow us to send the closest available unit to your location, and once on board, we know where you are at all times. This technology allows us to provide the most efficient means of transportation available today. We pride ourselves on utilizing state of the art equipped vehicles driven by safe, courteous and professional drivers.

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The Safest Cities for Senior Citizens

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Senior citizens shouldn’t have to worry about anything except enjoying their retirement. Nevertheless, there are many areas of the world in which being a senior citizen automatically makes you a target. That makes it extremely important to find the best place to live. Here is a list of the world’s safest cities for senior citizens.

San Diego, California

California in general is one of the safest areas for senior citizens, except for the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas which both have high crime rates. San Diego has a lot of safe retirement communities where the elderly can rest in peace. Since it has such a low crime rate and such great weather it’s one of the most ideal places to plan your retirement, but there is one catch. San Diego, like most areas of California, can be pretty expensive and the costs are only going up as it gets further developed.


Panama has become a world-renowned retirement place for citizens of all countries. Not only does it enjoy wonderful weather, it also caters specifically to United States retirees. The US dollar goes farther in Panama than it does here, and safety is of the utmost importance to the Panama government. For those seeking a retirement place anywhere in the world, Panama is at the top of the list.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Despite the extreme cost of living in Hawaii, Hawaii remains one of the most popular retirement locations. Hawaii has retirement communities all across its beautiful islands, and caters specifically to retirees. Hawaii is also one of the US states with the lowest violent crime rates, and is the state with the largest active police force, making it extremely safe. There are many affordable retirement villages on both Oahu and the neighboring islands, and visiting the other islands allows for some variety and sightseeing too.

Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery County is an idyllic, wealthy area that boasts some of the most spectacular retirement communities in the world. Because it is such a high-income area it has a comprehensive police force and a low crime rate. Those in Montgomery County retirement homes can expect to live out their years with golf courses, spas, and on-site medical care. The on-site medical care in particular makes this a very safe place.

While there are many great retirement spots throughout the world, not all of them are safe. Before moving to any retirement home it’s important to look at their violent crime ratings, their unemployment rates, and their police force. It’s also important to make sure that there is always medical care close at hand.

Author Bio: Annette Hazard is a blogger that protects her home with Vivint. She enjoys writing about home issues and is an avid cyclist.



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