March 6, 2013

Worry No More: All-Around Dental Care 101 for Aging Parents

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Good oral hygiene is important for people of every age, viagra and some of the recommendations for seniors are no different from those for the general population. Everyone should floss daily, no rx brush at least twice daily and see a dentist regularly, online however, there are special considerations that are important in the dental care of people who are aging.

Issues Related to Aging

Dental problems that seniors encounter are exacerbated by problems like arthritis that could make it more difficult to take care of the teeth. Seniors may neglect visits to a dentist due to the cost, but dental care is an important part of overall health, and low-cost options are available in most communities for the elderly. Regular dental visits can also help in monitoring some of the problems that are particularly common in people who are aging.

Common Tooth and Gum Problems

Darkened teeth is not uncommon among older patients, but it is primarily a cosmetic problem. A cosmetic dentistry in the Tampa area, or a specialist anywhere that one is located can address a problem like this.

Most other problems are more complex particularly those related to root decay and gum disease. Older adults, their caregivers and dentists should keep an eye out for exposed roots and sensitive teeth because they are both symptoms of gum disease.

Gum disease, root decay and other serious problems can lead to tooth loss, but dental implants may be an alternative to dentures. According to the professionals in dental implants in the Tampa area, seniors can feel more confident about their appearance than they might while wearing dentures. Dental implants also can help to avoid the issue of stomatitis or infected tissue that can be induced by dentures in the elderly.

Dentists May Diagnose Other Health Problems

Regular dental checkups are also important for keeping aging people and their caregivers educated on what to watch out for and when to see a dentist. Difficulty in tasting or swallowing, lumps, swelling, pain and sensitivity in the mouth all merit a visit to the dentist. These can be nothing at all, but sometimes more serious diseases first appear as mouth problems, and therefore, a dentist can be at the front line of diagnosing not just dental problems but others as well.

Dental care for the elderly is just as important as it is for the young, and by working with dentists, caregivers can help their aging parents maintain good oral health.


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