January 24, 2013

Seniors In Transition – A guide to the approaching “Silver Tsunami”…

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Courtesy Of: Terri Massengale
Senior Services Director
Allen Tate Company

As the “silver tsunami” approaches, sildenafil many seniors are evaluating their housing needs and asking themselves important questions, viagra such as, stuff “Is this home able to be modified for a wheelchair?” “Will this home easily sell in a few years when I am ready to move to an independent living community?”

Many seniors prefer to stay in their homes as long as they can, while others are amicable to the idea of moving to an independent living community. Whichever path a senior chooses, knowing the options available will make the transition smoother. Working with the Allen Tate Senior Services program helps seniors, family members and healthcare workers navigate the process for this life changing event.

At Allen Tate Senior Services, we work with groups of reputable professionals who are senior-friendly. These companies work with us to help seniors in transition. If a senior needs help with Medicare, we align them with an eldercare attorney. If the senior needs to de-clutter, organize, or pack up, we introduce them to a senior move specialist. If they have antiques that need repurposing, we help point them in the right direction. We even have someone to take their existing draperies, modify them, and put them in the new windows at their new place of residence!It’s not uncommon for the independent spirit of most seniors to make the process more challenging. We have seen seniors who believe they can have a yard sale when they can barely lift the items that need to be put in the yard. In this case, we recommend a tag sale which enables the senior to sell their items in their home without any lifting, moving or physical work on their part. In many cases, there are solutions that seniors have never even heard of or imagined.

A senior’s home can be well appointed, or a home in need of repair. If a senior has been ill for some time, they may not have had the resources to make repairs, updates, and tidy up to make the home sale-ready. Having a team of professionals who are reasonable, senior-friendly, and experts in their craft can help a senior and his/her family to make the necessary transition a better experience.


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