July 17, 2013

Living Independently As a Senior: Four Steps to Implement Today

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As more and more individuals belonging to the Baby Boomer generation reach retirement age, hospital many of them are living alone. Whether this is a voluntary decision or one influenced by circumstances, prescription the hazards for in-home injury increase sharply for older individuals and couples. For those adults living on their own in San Jose, seek getting to know a personal injury lawyer in San Jose is a positive idea, but it need not be seen as inviting trouble. There are many precautions you can easily implement to provide yourself with the greatest possible safety.

Use an In-Home Monitoring Service
Often, using an in-home monitoring system is a good start, in case of emergency. It can help ease the worries of concerned family members and neighbors who cannot be with you at all times, and allows you to retain the freedom and privacy that living alone accords. Consider it as communication facilitation. Many of these monitoring services also maintain current contact and local emergency services information. In case of an accident or emergency that prevents you from reaching a phone, they may also provide you with a remote that triggers their installed alert device.

Keep Your Details Close At HandLiving Independently As a Senior Four Steps to Implement Today
Another great tactic to minimize fuss in the event of an emergency is a special folder. Keep all your current medication, conditions, and contact lists in a folder easily found and accessed. If an accident should happen, emergency personnel will be able to treat you swiftly and accurately, even if you cannot personally or verbally instruct them.

Keep Your House Neat and Organized
Additionally, keep your home tidy. Check daily for tripping and slipping hazards, such as unsecured area rugs, spills, or clutter. Equip your showers with textured mats and always clean up spills immediately. This greatly reduces the chance that you will fall and seriously injure yourself.

Remain Active and Involved
But perhaps the best preventative step anyone can take when living alone is staying active and involved with a chosen community. Aside from the dangers posed by loneliness and inactivity, which can include predation risk by scam artists, staying an active part of the world can prevent other issues. If neighbors, gaming partners, reading group friends, or shopping mates are checking up on you on a regular basis, it reduces the risk of your having an accident and not being found immediately.

Living alone need not be a cause for concern—with planning and care, it is easy to achieve.


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