May 4, 2011

Join Circle Center for an Open House in Richmond VA!

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In 1976, viagra sale a group of volunteers asserted that older adults are entitled to “a good hot lunch, arts & crafts instruction, musical concerts, historic tours, guest speakers, shopping trips, transportation…”  instead of depression and loneliness at home.

Adult day care-what a novel concept!  Fifty volunteers from Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, First English Lutheran, Grace Covenant Presbyterian, St.  James’s Episcopal and St. John’s United Church of Christ recognized the needs of many elderly people still living in the Fan, found space and start-up grant funding totaling $15,000, applied for a license, hired staff and opened the doors.

From 3-6 participants and 2 staff to 65 participants and 33 staff, from the adult lounge in First English Lutheran Church to 15,000 square feet in a state of the art facility near Willow Lawn, Stuart Circle became Circle Center.

Participants enjoy hot, nutritious meals, social engagement with their peers, occupational, physical and cognitive therapy, in a safe and secure environment.  Their families and caregivers get relief from 24/7 caregiving. Families stay together at significant cost savings compared to in-home care.

Open House Wednesday, May 18, 10:30 am-3:30 pm.

Contact Molly MacBean

(804) 355-5717


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