August 3, 2017

Have you heard about The Miller Realty Groups 5 Step Senior Transition Program?

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Now you have! Thanks to the TEST DRIVE!

The Miller Realty Group has been working with families within Metro Orlando for over 11 years with their real estate needs. Over that period of time they we had started to notice there was a trend towards the adult children of seniors helping their parents make the transition from their home into a more appropriate living situation such as an assisted living community.

We’ve created a 5 Step Senior Transition Program which is basically similar to a concierge service. What we know is that seniors are very wary working with more than one person since they are very untrusting of people with good reason. What we also know is even if we refer the senior to all the necessary people to help them, they might call them once or they might not ever call them and the process drags on possibly even putting them at further risk.

Click HERE to view their ad and learn more about their unique program.

If you have a senior community or service and would like some FREE ADVERTISING of your own, visit before this promotion ends!


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