November 20, 2012

Alternative to Adult Diapers: Helping the Environment, Your Wallet and Your Pride

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Urinary incontinence is one of those things many people aren’t comfortable talking about. The hush-hush issue is rarely discussed publicly despite the estimated 30 million Americans currently living with some level of urinary incontinence. Urinary Incontinence affects large demographic including active seniors, buy women who have birthed multiple children and those with health conditions such as prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, strokes, epilepsy or bladder, urinary tract or pelvic cancers.

Despite its prevalence, the topic is black listed from most conversations, especially those of the more conservative senior citizen population, who also happen to be the group most inflicted with the condition.  As a result, many people don’t know about all the solutions available to them.

Worse yet, without knowing the facts, for years many have turned to adult diapers thinking it’s their only option.  Since the average wearer uses approximately 1,100 to 1,500 adult diapers each year, multiplied by millions of wearers across the country, billions of adult diapers are added to our trash heaps every year. As such, these disposable diapers are now the third largest consumer item in United States landfills, making up 17.5 million tons of garbage and 7 percent of all of the nation’s landfill waste. This number is staggering, especially when compared to infant diapers, which make up only 2 percent of landfills.

The issue is complicated further for many as adult diapers are sometimes labeled biodegradable. Yet, not even biodegradable diapers break down in a landfill according to the California Integrated Waste Management Board. It can actually take up to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose. Not only that, research from showed that more than 82,000 tons of plastic and 250,000 trees are used to make disposable diapers each year.

It can’t be disputed: adult diapers are bad for the environment.

So in spite of attempts to keep the topic under wraps, now is the time to learn about eco-friendly alternatives like Wearever underwear.  The option unknown by so many is simple: real underwear made especially for those with light, moderate or heavy urinary incontinence.

Wearever’s reusable incontinence underwear features an innovative sewn-in pad that functions as well as any adult diaper. Its Unique-driTM absorbent technology works in three layers: the top layer lets liquid in; the middle layer moves liquid out to the edges of the fabric, wicking it away so it doesn’t pool and, therefore, resists bacteria growth and odor; and the urethane bottom layer prevents leak through so that the moisture is contained within the undergarment.

Since they are easy-care machine washable and last as long as a traditional pair of underwear, a week’s worth of Wearever incontinence undergarments contribute zero waste over the course of a year. Compared to adult diapers, that’s billions saved from the landfill.

The Wearever line also eliminates the discomfort and loss of dignity that can come with adult diapers. The men’s briefs and women’s panties look and feel just like traditional underwear. There are even stylish solutions like women’s lace panties or shapewear that helps smooth a woman’s midsection. Ever better: Wearever products are also less expensive, saving the average user nearly $500 a year compared to adult diapers.

Wearever products are better for your wallet, better for the earth and better for your wardrobe. You don’t even need to think about the consistent noise of a diaper crinkling, the rough feel on skin, or the frequent trips to the store for disposable diapers anymore. With Wearever, incontinence doesn’t change your active lifestyle, and you don’t add to landfill waste.

About the author: 

Mandy Harrell is the brand manager for Wearever. Wearever, a Durham-based apparel company, offers comfortable, quality, affordable and stylish apparel solutions for everyday health and wellness concerns. The men’s and women’s underwear line of washable, reusable urinary incontinence panties and briefs is especially beneficial for active individuals who want to continue their normal lifestyle without worry or emotional stress resulting from urinary incontinence. To learn more, visit


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