August 3, 2017

Have you heard about The Miller Realty Groups 5 Step Senior Transition Program?

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Now you have! Thanks to the TEST DRIVE!

The Miller Realty Group has been working with families within Metro Orlando for over 11 years with their real estate needs. Over that period of time they we had started to notice there was a trend towards the adult children of seniors helping their parents make the transition from their home into a more appropriate living situation such as an assisted living community.

We’ve created a 5 Step Senior Transition Program which is basically similar to a concierge service. What we know is that seniors are very wary working with more than one person since they are very untrusting of people with good reason. What we also know is even if we refer the senior to all the necessary people to help them, they might call them once or they might not ever call them and the process drags on possibly even putting them at further risk.

Click HERE to view their ad and learn more about their unique program.

If you have a senior community or service and would like some FREE ADVERTISING of your own, visit before this promotion ends!


Sutton Homes in Winter Park Florida is experiencing a FREE ADVERTISING turbo boost!

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The closer we get to the finish line of the 2017 TEST DRIVE, the faster the requests for FREE ADVERTISING come in! Sutton Homes has been boosted from a basic listing to a Premium Listing so they get higher placement in our search results, more photos and other perks!

Sutton Homes offers unique and specialized personal care in a real home environment for people with memory loss, Alzheimer’s and dementia. When a loved one has Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia we understand from personal experience how much thought goes into making the best care decision. Each of our homes, are elegant,ranch style houses located in finer Central Florida neighborhoods with only 5 residents per home. Our Sutton Homes staff is caring, creative and specifically trained to provide the care your loved one requires in a secure and friendly environment. Call us today and see why smaller is better.

View the complete ad for Sutton Homes here, and learn more about the TEST DRIVE by visiting before the end of business next Monday!


Carmel Hills is Test Driving a FEATURED listing – for free!

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Carmel Hills in beautiful Charlotte NC is turbo boosting their ad on from a Premium position to a FEATURED listing and it’s all part of the TEST DRIVE EVENT!

Carmel Hills provides you with a unique opportunity to live in a Christian community where you can experience independent living. The spiritual atmosphere and Christian companionship of the community rest on a foundation of 32 years of great care.

The excellent facilities and staff are complimented by a wide variety of services, an exclusive location and a temperate Piedmont climate. Carmel Hills is a unique opportunity for retired Christians.

One of the central natural features at Carmel Hills is the private lake. The lake is nestled into a rolling landscape surrounded with lawns and mature trees. The architecture site plan has been optimized to allow for unobstructed views of the lake for as many of the residents as possible.

You can read more about Carmel Hills here and learn more about this soon-to-be-over TEST DRIVE promotion by visiting


Florida Senior Benefits is on a TEST DRIVE with!

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The TEST DRIVES roll on, this time its Florida Senior Benefits who’s all fueled up with a tank full of FREE ADVERTISING courtesy of the Summer 2017 TEST DRIVE EVENT!

Florida Senior Benefits specializes in providing Final Expense life insurance for folks living in Florida age 50-85. If you have questions regarding final expenses, Florida Senior Benefits has the answers! Check out their listing complete with contact info here.

Because Florida Senior Benefits provides a valuable service that many users of many not be actively searching for while visiting our site, we’ve provided them with a banner ad that can be seen in every search done in the West Coast Florida (Greater Tampa area). This way seniors and their loved ones can be made aware of their services without ever searching for them!

The TEST DRIVE is all about building relationships and providing our advertisers and potential advertisers solutions to their marketing challenges. The TEST DRIVE is the perfect opportunity to give us a try, no strings attached, and hopefully drive some new business in the process.

Want to learn more? Visit, but hurry, this promotion ends August 7th!


Looking for Nurse Registry Services in South Florida? Value Care at Home is the Answer!

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Value Care at Home is on a FREE TEST DRIVE so we’re spreading the word about their services! Learn more about this soon-to-be-over TEST DRIVE promotion below and be sure to take advantage of FREE ADVERTISING before it ends on Monday!

Value Care at Home is a value-driven and client centered Licensed Nurse Registry in the State of Florida with locations in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach Counties. Value Care is recognized as a leading Nurse Registry in Florida in terms of size and growth. Since 2007, thousands have relied on us to refer experienced and qualified caregivers for client-directed, in-home care. Our special programs offer real value to assure your satisfaction. When you hire a care professional referred to you by Value Care, you benefit from our unique recruiting system.

You can learn more about Value Care at Home by viewing their complete listing here, and you can find out all the details of the TEST DRIVE promotion by visiting! It’s completely FREE, no obligation advertising designed to boost your marketing efforts! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, but it ends Monday, August 7th, so get your engines running today!


Artsy Smartsy, LLC in Scottsdale Arizona is getting FREE ADVERTISING – via the TEST DRIVE!

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Only a few days left of the TEST DRIVE promotion and we’re revving up the marketing engine for Artsy Smartsy, LLC in Scottsdale AZ!

Artsy Smartsy specializes in teaching Senior Art Classes in different art mediums every month!

Artsy Smartsy is different from other art education providers as we do not specialize in just ONE art medium. As the daughter of an artist, Tina Ferguson (owner and educator) has dabbled in all types of art over her life. Her Master’s Degree is actually in Architecture, and as an owner of her own successful design firm, Tina’s has the advanced ability to draw, sketch and apply color. Having rare traits for an artist, Tina is very professional, organized and dependable, she can be very “exact” one day and very “creative” another, which helps when teaching students who come from either side of the spectrum.

Learn more about these creative classes by viewing their complete listing here, and make sure YOUR community or senior service gets all the FREE ADVERTISING possible by visiting before this FREE, NO OBLIGATION promotion ends next Monday (08/03/2017)!



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