July 11, 2017

Welcome to Beautiful Blessings Home Care in Rock Hill SC!

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The TEST DRIVES are rolling out the door!

Beautiful Blessings Home Care is a licensed in-home care provider in York County, South Carolina.
We have a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing on staff. Our Registered Nurse will assess your loved one’s individual needs and create a personalized care plan free of charge. Our Registered Nurse brings her specific experience working with the elderly in the nursing home setting into the comfort of your loved one’s home.
Beautiful Blessings Home Care believes in client centered care. As such, we have an Activity Director on staff to ensure that your loved one continues to experience the activities they enjoy the most while receiving care.
We employ individuals with a passion for elder care. In addition, our In-Home Caregivers undergo a background check to ensure that your loved one is in safe hands.

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Meet Anne Goldberg – The Savvy Senior Motivational Speaker and Longevity Coach

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Anne took us up on our TEST DRIVE and we’re pleased to be able help spread the word about her services! Here’s a little about her –

My goal is to inspire all seniors to know you’re old enough to have a past and young enough to have a future… at any age! Consider me your investigative journalist on the subject of aging and living longer. My original lecture series, “The Art of Living Longer” is a curriculum for longevity and provides the latest research and evidence-based science on healthy aging.

But we don’t just want to live longer, we want to be healthy and happy too. The art of living longer is a multi-pronged approach that encompasses nutrition, moving the body and stress reduction techniques. All of this is to create a vitality that enables us to take our wisdom and experience back into the world. Our communities need us. And each of us needs the satisfaction of knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of others… each of us needs to know that we matter, that we have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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Check Out – Aging…Get Over It!: Do-It-Yourself-Aging/A Survival Manual

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We were contacted by Anne Lucas, author of Aging…Get Over It!: Do-It-Yourself-Aging/A Survival Manual about our TEST DRIVE promotion. Because a book doesn’t neatly fit into one of our searchable senior housing and services categories, we hooked her up with an Area Banner so users of SeniorLivingGuide.com can learn about this great book, visit her site, and buy the book on Amazon!

Aging…Get Over It! is the first of the books Baby Boomers and GenXers need to read to gain mastery over their later years. Aging…Get Over It! eases the effort of facing the realities of aging and offers workable solutions. The lessons and exercises are divided into two categories and are further broken down into six tasks: Part l. Think Right: Healthy Mind, Satisfying Family Relationships, and Strong Faith Part 2. Do Right: Healthy Body, Financial-Legal Arrangements, and Rewarding Community and Care Planning. This is a highly practical and gutsy survival manual for everyone over 50 who intends to maintain control over the rest of their lives.

View her listing here, complete with links to her site and social media pages.

Good luck in selling lots of books Anne!

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New 2017 TEST DRIVER in Southeast FL – Emerald Elite Senior Home Care

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Emerald Elite Senior Home Care provides home health aides and certified nurse assistants (CNAs) to individuals and families, either in their own homes or in a facility. We specialize in serving South Florida’s LGBT senior community.

Emerald Elite strives to help our LGBT seniors live their lives to the fullest for as long as they can. We provide a range of services from companionship, transportation and light housekeeping to all the activities of daily living that often are troublesome for seniors – grooming, toileting, bathing, dressing, ambulating and assisting with medications.

We work on an hourly basis or around the clock as live-in assistance. Emerald Elite’s certified and licensed staff follows a proscribed work plan to ensure our clients’ health needs are met, whether that need is a ride to the grocery store or confronting Alzheimer’s or dementia.

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New SeniorLivingGuide.com TEST DRIVER – MDT Home Health Care Agency

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It has begun! Our 2017 Summer Test Drive Event has officially kicked off and we’re proud to present MDT Home Health Care Agency with a listing in our search results!

MDT Home Health Care Agency is Medicare certified and Joint Commission accredited home health care agency committed to providing coordinated and quality health care to qualified individuals through professional and compassionate personnel. The patient’s health, comfort and peace of mind are of primary concern, with respect to dignity and right to privacy.

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