July 19, 2013

Five Tips For Living with an Elderly Parent

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There comes a time when our parents are no longer the pillars of strength from our childhood. As they become older, cure they need more care and assistance. Many people decide to live with their elderly parents in order to ensure their safety. While this is commendable, shop it can also be extremely challenging. Fortunately, help there are certain measures children can take to provide a safe environment for their parents.

Safeguard the House
Elderly people generally suffer from weak or brittle bones. This means that even the shortest fall can cause a life-altering injury. As a precaution, remove any trip hazards and secure any loose carpets or rugs. It may also be helpful to put guards on sharp edges, such as countertops.

Five Tips For Living With an Elderly ParentBecome Familiar with All Medications
Forgetfulness is a common part of the aging process. Senior citizens often report significant problems with short-term memory. If your parent(s) are taking several different medications, it may be hard for them to keep track of it all. Daily dispensers are helpful, but an extra pair of eyes can make a big difference.

Plan Regular Meals
In today’s fast-paced society, many people do not take the time to enjoy meals together. However, some elderly people suffer from significant changes in appetite. They may skip meals or develop a habit of eating junk food. These planned meals may be the only way to know that your parent(s) are eating regularly.

Know When to Say “No”
As we get older, daily tasks become more and more complicated. Unfortunately, there are some senior citizens who have a hard time accepting limitations. It may feel as if their independence is slipping away. While you sympathize, you must also set boundaries. Activities, such as driving, can have devastating results for someone who is losing mobility.

Seek Professional Help
If these measures are not helpful, it may be time to seek guidance and assistance. Home healthcare and assisted living professionals, such as the ones at San Antonio Elder Care, can offer a level of care that most average citizens cannot.

It can be difficult to come to terms with our parents’ mortality. However, it is a natural part of life. The key is to make sure all necessary precautions are taken. At one point, your life was in their hands. They nurtured and cared for you. If it is your desire to return the favor, it is important to follow the correct steps and utilize the correct tools.



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