July 3, 2013

How to Prepare for an Emergency Situation

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Safety experts constantly warn the public to prepare themselves for any emergency and this warning is especially important for seniors. Because you cannot predict when or if an emergency will happen, you must anticipate such a scenario at any time and have the supplies and preparations ready so you can act quickly. Being unprepared can cost you precious time in being treated for injuries or illnesses. When you find yourself in an emergency situation, you can follow several key tips to ensure that you get the care you need right away.

Keep a Charged Cell Phone on Hand

Even if you have a cell phone in your purse or in your pocket, it could lose its power when you text, make calls, and browse the Internet. Rather than rely on your personal phone, you should have a separate phone in your car, in your purse, or ideally in your first aid kit. This phone should be kept fully charged and turned off until it is needed for emergencies. Having a reliable phone available to you can help you call for help and get the attention you need immediately. Make sure this spare phone has a large enough screen and dialing pad for you too see and dial effectively.

Have Updated Safety Contacts in Your Phone emergency situation

If you are injured in a car accident or become immobilized while out in public, you are going to need to rely on others to help you. When you are unable to answer questions or advocate for your own emergency care, first responders, police officers, and paramedics need to know whom to contact in your family. You should keep updated contacts in your phone with at least one of these contacts notated as your ideal emergency contact. That person can handle your care until you are awake and able to speak.

Be Aware of Where Hospitals and Medical Clinics are Located

You probably already know where your local hospitals and clinics are in your hometown. However, if you decide to travel, do some research to find where these medical locations are in the city that you are visiting temporarily. If you need to seek for help at an emergency room or doctor’s office, you will know where to go right away.

Have a Plan

Since you don’t know when or if an emergency situation will occur, make sure you have a plan for a given situation. One of the worst situations for a senior citizen is to fall and to not have needed help. Make sure you have a plan for a situation like this. You may consider keeping a cellphone in your pocket at all times or getting an emergency system like Life Alert. Another idea is to keep phones in a variety of accessible place in your home.



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