February 27, 2013

New Listing Alert – Awarded Home Care – Solon 6240 SOM Center Road #222 Solon, OH 44139

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Awarded Home Care - Solon AWARDED HOME CARE is a family-owned and operated company. The offices are located in Solon and Parma, physician Ohio. Since the company opened its doors, we’ve treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130227082954


New Listing Alert – Nationwide HealthCare 5700 Chevrolet Blvd Parma, OH 44130

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NationwideNationwide Health Care is committed to offering a complete approach to professional health care for individuals, discount their families and loved ones in the safety of their homes at a reasonable cost.

The mission of NHC is to provide a comprehensive home health care system inclusive of personalized plans to meet each individual client’s home health and social needs in a cost effective, cheap qualitative, mind client-friendly manner and a desire to meet the following goals:

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130227071938


5 Simple Steps to Making Your Home a Safer Place for Your Young Grandkids

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

If you have young grand kids over to your house, you will probably want to have your home baby-proofed before the little ones start crawling and walking around. Keeping your home safe for your young grandchildren will give you peace of mind and keep them safe from harms way.

You might have hazards around your home today that you were not aware of, or maybe you just have not noticed them. By baby-proofing your home, you will prevent and reduce household accidents involving your grand kids. It might take a bit of time and effort, but it will be well worthwhile for your your young loved ones.

Choking Hazards

Look around your home and get rid of anything and everything that is a potential choking hazard for your young grand kids. Keep small, breakable items out of a toddler’s reach. This includes small knickknacks and souvenirs. Anything a toddler can put in their mouth should be stored away on a high shelf or put away in a box until they are older.

Crawling Around Your Home

The simplest way to know what might be harmful inside your home for your toddler is by seeing things from their perspective. It may sound crazy, but crawling on your hands and knees might open your eyes to possible hazards. It will help you decide what needs to be fixed so that your young grandchild is safe. If you can’t crawl, at least take a trip around the house and inspect for possible problems.

Use Safety Baby Devices and Home Security

Surround your home with devices designed for safety for young children. This would include safety gates, baby monitors, high chairs, strollers, bouncing seats and cribs that all adhere to the highest safety standards. Besides using only equipment that meets safety standards, make sure you follow all the manufacturers instructions and specifications when using these products. What might seem to be a safe way of putting something together for you may not meet the manufacturer’s instructions for complete safety. Home security is also important for children’s safety. Having a home security system can alert you if a child opens or closes a door in your home. A home security system can also save anyone’s life in case of fire, smoke, or intrusion.

Cleaning Products and Medications

Make sure that all medications and cleaning products are out of your grand children’s reach. Put them away in an inaccessible place or have safety child-proof latches on all your cabinet doors. Most people think that if a baby smelled a cleaning product, it would be enough to keep them from tasting it. This is not always the case.

Rough and Sharp Objects

Inspect all of your furniture and items in the home that have rough or pointed edges and angles. Some of the common things you might notice are fireplaces, lamp cords, side tables, coffee tables and glass tables. Glass tables should be removed from the home until the child is much older. For things you cannot remove, such as the fireplace, install some foam padding around the edges to protect your young grand kids. Remember that toddlers are not steady on their feet until they are much older.

These are just five tips for keeping your home safer for your grand kids. Implement these strategies and others as soon as possible to keep your toddler safe.


February 25, 2013

Ways to Insure All the Benefits You Deserve

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Courtesy of Annabelle Smyth [annabellesmyth@gmail.com]

It’s important to plan for your retirement long before you are ready to retire. The sooner you begin your retirement planning, the more likely you are to have the money you need to retire comfortably at an earlier age. Even if you’re nearing retirement age, however, you can still plan your retirement appropriately. Your Dallas Social Security attorney can help you if you’re not sure what to do.

Find Out What Your Benefits Are
It’s important to find out exactly how much money you are entitled to before you retire. Once you resign from your position, you may not be able to easily get it back. So you need to find out what assets you’ll have and whether those assets are enough to live on before you retire.

Start by contacting your human resources department if you have one. Ask the department for a retirement estimate you can use for planning purposes. This estimate contains all of your past service and how much you are entitled to.

Check your retirement estimate against your records to ensure that all of your service has been recorded. If you find any discrepancies, take the following steps:

  • ·Contact human resources and tell them about the discrepancy.
  • ·Provide your records, especially records that include dates of service that have not been included in your retirement estimate.
  • ·Follow up with the specialist who prepared the original report to find out if he or she has located the missing records.

What To Do If You Don’t Have a Local Human Resources Contact
If you work in an area where there are o local human resources, getting your estimate may be a little more difficult. You may need to contact your social security attorney Dallas. There are a few things you can do on your own to estimate your benefits.

  • ·Go through your records. List each year of federal service and the salary you drew.
  • ·Average the three highest yearly salaries you received.
  • ·Look up this average on a federal retirement benefit table. Your estimated benefits will be based on your years of service and the average of your three highest salaries.

Understand Different Benefits
In addition to your retirement pension, you may be entitled to other benefits such as life insurance benefits. Check the retirement tables for an estimate of these benefits; however, you may need to provide documentation to receive certain benefits. Your Dallas social security attorney can explain to you what you need to do to claim military benefits, life insurance and other benefits you may be entitled to.



New Listing Alert – Bartlett Reserve 300 Meredith Drive Durham, NC 27713

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Bartlett Reserve Everything you’ve been looking for in our entirely new concept in resort style independent senior living, perfectly situated on a quiet, eleven acres in the Heart of the Triangle!

It’s rather simple. Bartlett Reserve was created when, researching the available options for his own mother’s needs, Morgan Burkett and the Bartlett Team decided to develop an entirely new concept in independent senior living. The concept brings together all the necessities required to cater to today’s seniors and combines that with his lifetime career devotion to 4-star hotel level hospitality services. The end result is Bartlett Reserve. Welcome.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130225073956


February 19, 2013

New Listing Alert – Cerenity Senior Care – Humboldt 514 Humboldt Avenue St. Paul, MN 55107

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Cerenity Senior Care – HumboldtCerenity Senior Care – Humboldt is located on the West Side of St. Paul, pilule where its two buildings are situated on a 15-acre, park-like campus.

The Cerenity Humboldt – Residence is located on 514 Humboldt Ave., and provides memory care, for people in the early stages of memory loss, as well as assisted living and transitional care.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130219063200


February 14, 2013

New Listing Alert – Alta Ridge Assisted Living – Holladay 1009 E Murray-Holladay Rd Salt Lake City, UT 84117

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Alta Ridge Assisted Living - Holladay Located in the heart of Salt Lake City, mind Alta Ridge in Holladay provides easy access to shopping, cialis restaurants, tadalafil hospitals, doctor’s offices, and the beautiful canyons surrounding it. Whether your loved one enjoys spending time in the comforts of home or out on the town, Alta Ridge in Holladay has something for everyone.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130214112056


Alta Ridge Alzheimer’s – Sandy 1375 East 9400 South Sandy, UT 84093

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Alta Ridge Alzheimer's - Sandy Located at the base of the East Bench of Sandy, Alta Ridge Alzheimer’s community is a 31-bed Alzheimer’s and dementia specialty care center. Alta Ridge’s home-like atmosphere fosters maximum independence while providing monitored care and security for your loved one.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130214105909


New Listing Alert – Alta Ridge Assisted Living – Sandy 1360 East 9400 South Sandy, UT 84093

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Alta Ridge Assisted Living - Sandy Located at the base of the East Bench of Sandy, pharmacy Alta Ridge Assisted Living enjoys beautiful views of the Wasatch mountains, and bustling city below. Surrounded in close proximity to shopping, restaurants, hospitals, doctor’s offices, and both I-15 and I-215, Alta Ridge provides residents with both the comforts of home, and the conveniences of the immediate community.

View the full listing here – http://www.seniorlivingguide.com/DB/facilities.tpl?sku=20130214104715


6 Tips for Baby-Boomers to Become Financially Stable Before Retirement

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Courtesy of Kathrine Kreger [kathrinekreger@gmail.com]

The Baby Boomers are an especially large generation, generic and a growing number of Baby Boomers are entering retirement age. However, the changing economic times experienced through by the Baby Boomer generation has made it difficult for some to appropriately plan for retirement. Fortunately, there are some steps all Baby Boomers can take regardless of their age to help ensure financial stability upon retiring. Here are six tips to consider.

Do the Calculations

Financial stability requires planning, and those who do not know their current financial state may have trouble determining the best course of action to pursue. Baby Boomers will want to talk with a retirement expert to determine the best options for them. Simply knowing where you stand may be enough to help motivate you to continue planning.

Plan Your Retirement

One mistake some seniors make is failing to plan their retirement. If you wish to travel often after you have retired, you will need to put this in your budget. If you would like to move, you will want to start learning about real estate prices before reaching retirement. Accurate estimates can help simplify the process of retiring.

Plan for Assisted Living

For some Baby Boomers, a major goal is to move into an assisted living facility, because for those who live in them can avoid worrying about certain annoyances that many experience upon reaching retirement age. According to the professionals at an Elderly Assisted Living in Utah, if used appropriately, these facilities can save seniors money, and those who will be retiring in the near future may wish to look at options nearby.

Take Advantage of Benefits

Seniors have a number of benefits available on a national, state and local level, but many are unaware of them. By using the Internet and asking friends for advice, seniors may be able to discover great ways to save money and get some help during retirement.

Start Downsizing Early

Many seniors wish to scale back and cut their living expenses when they retire. One strategy that may be wise is to begin cutting back before retirement begins. This will help you adjust to your new life and allow you to save up a bit more money before you retire.

Join the Community

For many seniors, retirement is a great time to meet others who are also retired. However, there is no need to wait until retirement starts to begin meeting future friends. Start attending the events in the new neighborhood or living center, or Utah nursing home, that you will attend upon retiring early; those who have already retired may have some helpful advice.

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