April 16, 2013

5 Ways for Employed Seniors to Keep Up with Advancing Business Technology

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Courtesy of Dixie Somers [dixiesomers@gmail.com]

1. Read Technology Blogs And Magazines

One of the best ways for seniors to keep on top of advancing technology is to read up on technology blogs and magazines. Immersing themselves in technology and technology news is a great way for any individual to keep abreast of current developments. The world of technology is extremely fast-paced, so it can be easy to fall behind and very difficult to catch up afterward. It can be a good habit to check tech blogs in the mornings just to skim the recent news.

2. Jump In Head First

It’s very easy for some users to be intimidated by new technology, such as a new customer feedback management software that the company has just initiated. Unfortunately the more the user delays learning the technology the more intimidating the process will seem. Users who are cautious about using new software or technology should jump in as quickly as possible. They may make mistakes, but this is expected with anything new. It’s most important to get started as fast as possible, and those who do learn technology quickly may just become the guru in the company.

Computer3. Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

Many seniors feel so intimidated by technology that they’re afraid to ask perfectly rational questions. What seniors should know is that there are many technologically limited younger people as well, and  they probably aren’t asking questions that haven’t already been asked. As long as the senior shows a genuine willingness and effort to learn, no one will ever judge them based on their questions. It’s better to ask than not to know.


4. Take Initiative

The internet has opened a wide world to everyone, and the first thing that seniors should learn is how to look up and research the answers to their questions. By using the internet to ask questions whenever a senior does not understand something, they will be able to not only find the answers but also understand more intrinsically about the technology involved, how it works, and how a user needs to interact with it. Taking initiative also allows a senior to answer their own questions without feeling intimidated by IT staff.

5. Practice At Home

A good way to develop familiarity with advanced technology is to set up a good system at home. Commercial systems and personal systems can share a lot in common, and seniors who are familiar with using their home computers will find it easier to relate to the business systems at work.

If you’re having trouble keeping up with advancing technology, seek help on the internet or from younger friends in the technology field. Find more ways businesses are using technology to keep in touch with their customers at http://www.mshare.net/feedback-channels.



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