January 26, 2018

SeniorLivingGuide.Com Gives Back!

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By: Darleen Mahoney

SeniorLivingGuide.Com has a heart for the Social Workers and Case Managers that connect daily with our Seniors. We know how hard they work every day. We also know how unappreciated they may feel at times; therefore, we are celebrating them! It is our mission to let them know that they are valuable and appreciated. SeniorLivingGuide.Com sponsors 20 Annual Social Worker/Case Manager Appreciation Luncheon’s.  That’s right, there are 20 luncheons across 3 States.  These lunches happen once a year in 14 locations in Florida, 3 times in North Carolina and 3 times in Virginia. There will be multiple companies at this event to support them with valuable resources, a delicious meal and best of all, prizes! For more information and to register for this one-of-a kind event, visit www.eventinginc.com.  SeniorLivingGuide.Com extends a very profound thank you to all these folks for their hard work, tenacity, and tireless hours they spend on behalf of our seniors.



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